International Rating Suggests Octopath Traveler Could Get a PC Port Soon

The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea provided a rating for a PC version of Octopath Traveler recently.

This news comes from Gematsu, though the link provided for the actual rating seems to be faulty, apparently. Bandai Namco would be handling the game’s publishing in Korea as well, which is keeping in line with ports of Square Enix games in that country.

Octopath Traveler launched last summer as a Nintendo Switch exclusive and was one of the highlights during the Switch’s initial reveal presentation.Social media and fan forums have clamored for Octopath Traveler on other platforms, particularly PC, ever since.

Most Square Enix titles aren’t console exclusives these days, which made Octopath a bit of an oddity.

However, SE did establish a separate division devoted solely to developing Switch games last year. If the original remains an exclusive, it wouldn’t be out of keeping with its design philosophy going forward.

Whether this new rating is somehow related to the smartphone prequel, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, or it genuinely means the original game is getting ported to other systems – nearly in time for its one year birthday – naturally remains to be seen.

With the numerous teases the development team provided starting in fall 2018, it could even be connected to a non-platform-exclusive sequel.

Octopath Traveler has you take control of 8 different adventurers with their own unique skills who eventually travel together across the vast land of Orsterra. Their stories remain separate for the most part, despite traveling together. As such, it divided fans and critics when it launched.

The innovative 2D HD graphics style and engaging combat were universally praised, though the lack of a coherent unifying story left some feeling like the game was missing a key point.

Regardless, it managed to sell over one million copies worldwide within a month of its launch.

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