Lightstream Expands Streaming Services, Acquires GameWisp Monetization Platform

Once again, Lightstream is expanding on its streaming services.

The Chicago-based company announced the acquisition of GameWisp’s monetization platform, which gives content creators a way to offer subscription options complete with benefits, exclusive content, and more.

The acquisition is part of an ongoing campaign to add more features to Lightstream’s service, offering streamers an all-in-one package.

It follows the company’s previous announcement that it had acquired Arsenal.gg, an analytics service that provides content creators with efficient ways to track important data about their stream performance and community.

GameWisp’s technology will not be implemented on Lightstream’s services in quite the same way, but instead, it will be implemented in ways that improve streamers’ engagement with their communities.

Lightstream’s CEO Stu Grubbs discussed the company’s plans for the tech and how it will aid streamers, addressing the fact that most creatives want to earn an income with what they do.

Making meaningful dollars from all your hard work doing what you love is something nearly every creator desires. We believe that “meaningful” is different for everyone and much like GameWisp we want to deliver something that empowers streamers at any stage of their journey and whatever their audience size.

The decision to use GameWisp’s technology this way expands on Lightstream’s plan to offer streamers technology that addresses some of the biggest issues they face.

Lightstream’s mission to provide streamers with the ultimate service started with Lightstream Studio. Studio offers creatives and easy and free way to get their shows up and running, eliminating some of the barriers encountered with other services.

As Lightstream acquires other services like Arsenal.gg and GameWisp, it is not only providing streamers with an easy way to run their streams but creating a true all-in-one service that will make it easy for streamers to build their communities and make a living at the same time.

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