Fortnite Season 9’s Trailer Takes Players To The Future

Fortnite Season 9 begins today. Epic Games is rolling out the update and has also released a new trailer to give players a nice, cinematic, overview of what to get excited about. The trailer shows two characters-one the male Fortnite model and the other the Banana, which it turns out is actually an anthropomorphic banana and not a person in a costume-running into a vault.

They spend an unspecified, but lengthy, amount of time in the vault doing things like playing arcade games and working out. At one point food shortage becomes an issue and poor old banana gets the short end of the stick. Before long, they’re freed, and emerge to see a new futuristic world with glistening skyscrapers, neon colors, and strobe lighting. This futuristic vibe is the theme of Season 9 and, in line with this, new areas such as Neo Tilted and the Mega Mall have appeared on the island.

As revealed in the patch notes, Fortnite Season 9 also offers players interesting new ways to play the game. Perhaps the most immediately noticeable addition are Slipstreams, which can are new transportation system. By hopping into the various Slipstream portals peppered around the map, players can quickly move around the island and, should they wish, can even do so in small vehicles. There’s some gameplay nuances to the way they work, as players can alter velocity, bob up and down to build speed, and influence the angles they are launched out of a slipstream at.

You can read about everything that’s new and changed for Fortnite Season 9 in the patch notes. There’s more information on how weapons are being tweaked, everything that’s being vaulted, and more, so make sure to give it a read before you drop onto the island again.

We’ll be keeping our comprehensive overview of Fortnite Season 9 updated, so if you want a quick and easy way too see everything that’s happening with Fortnite Season 9, that’ll be extra handy.

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