Father’s Day 2019: Best Gift Ideas For Gamer Dads

Father’s Day can be one of the hardest holidays to shop for-after all, what do you get the man who has everything? Fortunately, if your dad or husband is into games, there’s practically an endless list of games-related products he’d probably enjoy, especially with new games coming out for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC all the time.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the choices out there? We’ve got you covered-here are some of the best gift ideas for gamer dads this Father’s Day, including consoles, accessories, merchandise, tabletop games, and more. Plus, check out the best video games available for each console below in case you’re shopping around for a title he doesn’t own.

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1. NES Classic and SNES Classic

If dad has been playing games since the ’90s, he probably remembers the original NES and SNES and has fond memories of their now-iconic games. These mini versions of Nintendo’s retro consoles come pre-loaded with dozens of games (the NES comes with 30 games, the SNES comes with 21), and each system takes up so little space, even the most crowded living room can accommodate them.

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2. PlayStation VR Headset

If he owns a PS4, then a PlayStation VR headset is the next logical addition to his gaming setup. Despite being more affordable than many VR headsets on the market, PSVR produced some of the best VR games of 2018 and was our top choice for VR gaming last year. He’ll be able to buy and download PSVR games right away, or you can also get the headset as part of a bundle that includes games, like this Borderlands 2 and Beat Saber PSVR bundle.

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3. Nintendo Switch Protective Case

Nintendo’s newest console was built to be portable, but that large, precious screen is especially vulnerable to scratches if you ever take it outside the house (and most of us do, at some point). If he travels frequently and likes to play his Switch on the plane, train, bus, or elsewhere, this hard case will protect the console and also provides handy storage for all its games and accessories.

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4. Razer Man O’War Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset

Compatible with PC, Mac, and PS4, Razer’s Man O’War is one of the best gaming headsets you can buy in terms of price, performance, and comfort, particularly if you’re looking for a wireless option. If he plays online multiplayer games, he’ll appreciate this comfortable, surround-sound headset, which has a retractable microphone and crisp sound quality.

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5. The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia

The Legend of Zelda is a powerhouse franchise that isn’t slowing down anytime soon, as Breath of the Wild proved with its critically acclaimed release. If he’s a Zelda fan, he’ll appreciate this 320-page guide to the Zelda universe, from the 1986 original to Twilight Princess (BOTW isn’t included here, but there’s another book completed dedicated to it). This encyclopedia is a fascinating look at the making of the games, including their art and lore, and makes the perfect gift for any hardcore Zelda enthusiast.

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6. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse

With 4.5 stars on Amazon and over 1,000 reviews, the Logitech G900 Chaos mouse is a solid bet if he’s a dedicated PC gamer. This mouse, which can be used wired or wirelessly, will stay charged for up to 30 hours and has a highly responsive sensor for quick, precise movements. And with its customizable button layout, it can be used whether he plays with his right or left hand.

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7. Poké Ball Waffle Maker

Listen: It’s hard to argue with Pokémon and waffles. What’s not to like? Particularly if he’s a big breakfast person or enjoys cooking for the family, he’ll love using this waffle maker to make warm, fluffy Belgian waffles with a nerdy theme.

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8. Xbox Wireless Controller – Phantom White Special Edition

The newly released Phantom White wireless controller for Xbox One is gorgeous, with a translucent design that fades to white and reveals the controller’s inner workings. The Bluetooth-enabled controller has a comfortable, textured grip and will be a prized addition to any Xbox collection.

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9. Space Invaders Polo

You can’t go wrong with a nice T-shirt or polo, and this ThinkGeek exclusive shirt is both classy and subtle with its design so he can feel comfortable wearing it anywhere. If he’s a fan of classic arcade games like Space Invaders, this officially licensed top is perfect-but if not, ThinkGeek has a ton of other apparel inspired by various video games, movies, TV shows, and more.

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10. The Witcher 3 Original Soundtrack Exclusive Vinyl Set

If he’s a dad who still enjoys listening to vinyl records, surprise him with a deluxe set featuring the official soundtrack from his favorite game or movie. (Even if he doesn’t own a record player, vinyl records look quite nice as decor on a shelf.) This stunning deluxe vinyl set featuring The Witcher 3 soundtrack would make a great gift for any fan of the critically acclaimed RPG, and Think Geek has other vinyl options too, from Undertale and Dark Souls II to Spider-Man Homecoming, Stranger Things, and more.

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11. The Legend of Zelda Triforce Cufflinks and Tie Clip

Cufflinks and tie clips are subtle ways of adding personality to an otherwise traditional suit, and this silver set made from high-quality metal makes an excellent gift for any Zelda fan. You can also get the same set in gold, if that’s his preference.

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12. Betrayal at House on the Hill

If he’s a fan of board games, horror, and/or games with a strong narrative, he’ll get a kick out of Betrayal at House on the Hill, a board game for three to six players who play as a group of strangers exploring a haunted house. As they enter different rooms, they’ll stumble across mysterious objects and trigger certain events that will eventually lead to one player turning on the others, who must then fight for survival. Suspenseful and addictively fun, Betrayal has a ton of replay value with 50 unique scenarios that make the game different every time.

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13. PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold

If he’s a dedicated console player who isn’t subscribed to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, getting him a pre-paid membership is a solid gift any gamer would appreciate. The subscription services for each console grant access to online multiplayer, free monthly games, and exclusive discounts. A one-year membership generally sells for $60 on each platform, and one-month, three-month, and six-month passes are also available for cheaper.

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14. Bluetooth-Enabled Media Remote for PS4

If his PS4 is the main media device in your household-meaning he uses it to stream movies and TV and play DVDs as well as games-then this handy little device will be a small quality-of-life improvement for his entertainment space. For just $20, this officially licensed remote can quickly turn the PS4 on and off, navigate the PS4 screen, pause and play media, and more. While the capabilities are essentially the same as a PS4 controller, it saves your controller’s battery for gaming, and some people simply prefer the feeling of a traditional remote.

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