Population Zero Update Will Bring New Biome, Quests, And More

This month marked the beginning of alpha testing for Enplex Studio’s upcoming survival MMO, Population Zero. While one such alpha playtest is scheduled to begin this weekend, it appears that Enplex already has its eyes set on the future, as the studio has recently revealed several new features that fans can expect in the next build of the game.

That is, as soon as this weekend’s tests conclude, Enplex will begin work on version 05.03 of Population Zero, which will include a notable addition to the game in a new jungle biome. The company has previously referenced this region, stating that the jungle’s trees will provide players with opportunities to explore high up locations, and it seems that its implementation is coming shortly.

Additionally, the new build will bring to the game tutorial quests that focus on building, combat, and character progression. Over the past months, Enplex has provided details on how these systems work in the MMO, but alpha testers that are finding themselves confused about some aspect of Population Zero‘s gameplay are certain to appreciate this addition.

These tutorial quests will also allow Enplex to expand upon these systems, having confidence that the foundation of the title’s gameplay is adequately established for players. Indeed, expansion is part of the plan for version 05.03, and fans can expect «dozens of new technologies and perks» when the new build goes live.

Furthermore, the update will bring «significant changes» to the creatures that inhabit Population Zero. Specifically, it will facilitate the game’s fauna in interacting with itself, allowing creatures to fight or form packs. Players will also be able to use bait to distract pursuing predators, while beasts in distress will have the ability to call for help.

For those that are interested in experiencing these additions, Enplex is continuing to send alpha invitations to select players that signup on the game’s website. Fans that want to guarantee their participation can also opt to purchase the Sentinels Founder’s Pack for $50.

As Population Zero moves towards its beta testing phase, Enplex continues to reveal more details about its intentions for the game. While it remains to be seen if the title will live up to its attempt at being a «reimagination» of the genre, the material that the studio is releasing is certain to be turning some heads.

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