Google Maps Creates «New» Snake Game; Will Be Available For One Week

Google Maps has released a «new game» for April Fool’s Day called Snake. The title is free-to-play, and doesn’t require any sort of download. This new game does actually exist, unlike some other April Fools’ Day jokes, and you can play it right now. The joke Google is making is that Snake-a game that’s decades old-is somehow new.

Google’s Snake is relatively simple. After booting it up, you select one of seven different locations-Cairo, São Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo, or the whole world. You then take control of a train that’s constantly moving forward, which you can redirect with the arrow keys on your computer. Your goal is to pick up passengers and drop them off at city landmarks, all while avoiding driving into the ocean. As you pick up passengers, the train grows longer, making it easier for you to accidentally corner yourself.

According to GameSpot sister site CNET, a Google spokesperson said that Snake will remain available to play on Google Maps for about a week. This isn’t the first time Google has made an old-school style game for April Fools’ Day, as, back in 2015, a Pac-Man game was added to Google Maps. For more gaming-related April Fool’s Day gags going on this year, check out our round-up.

The original Snake released on the Nokia 6110 back in 1997. In it, you did play as an actual snake. The mechanics and goals of the game are similar to Google Maps’ title, only you were eating little dots as opposed to picking up passengers.

Google recently made a fairly large splash in the gaming industry with the announcement of Stadia, a cloud-based streaming service designed solely for video games. The service is scheduled to launch in the US, Canada, UK, and most of Europe within 2019. Both Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal have been confirmed for the platform. With Stadia, games can be streamed to any Google-connected device, whether that’s a mobile phone, tablet, computer, or TV. We had the opportunity to try Stadia at GDC 2019, and though we weren’t blown away, Google’s service has potential.

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