Madden 20 Seemingly Drops Longshot Mode

Madden NFL 18 introduced the story-focused single-player mode Longshot, which focused on two aspiring football players, Devin Wade and Colt Cruise. It even featured a performance by Oscar winner Mahershala Ali. The story continued with Madden NFL 19, and it added Rob Schneider and Joey King from the Netflix movie The Kissing Booth.

It appears the story is over.

Madden NFL 20 was announced last week with no mention of Longshot. Instead, EA focused on a new career mode called Face of the Franchise: QB1. It appears this new mode is replacing Longshot.

Game Informer’s extensive interview feature with creative director Mike Young is worded as if QB1 is replacing Longshot. GameSpot has followed up with EA Sports in an attempt to get more details.

For the new QB1 mode, players will take on the role of a backup QB at a big-time college school who has to step up in the biggest spot: in the College Football Playoff. College football is featured in Madden NFL 20, and that’s a big deal because it’s been away for so long due to various lawsuits and other issues. There are 10 colleges featured in Madden NFL 20, including powerhouses like Clemson and Oklahoma.

Go to Game Informer to read their extensive and in-depth preview of Madden NFL 20’s exciting-sounding career mode.

In addition to the new QB1 mode, Madden NFL 20 introduces «Superstar X-Factor,» which is a progression-based system that lets players perform jaw-dropping abilities with skilled players. It also «modernizes» the offensive playbooks, adds a new Urban Symphony soundtrack featuring traditional sports music like marching bands, and new player celebrations, among other things. Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is on the cover.

Madden NFL 20 launches on August 2, but you can play early by pre-ordering one of the game’s premium editions. Here’s a breakdown of all the pre-order bonuses and how to play early.

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