Surviving Mars: Green Planet and Animal DLC Launching May 16

We may be a ways off from colonizing and turning Mars green in real life, but Surviving Mars owners will be able to simulate the whole process soon enough. The game’s much-anticipated Green Planet expansion has been announced for release on May 16.

Surviving Mars: Green Planet promises to bring the (almost) full experience of taking the giant inhospitable space rock that is Mars and turning it into a lush planet that can be widely populated. Humanity’s endgame, if you will.

Green Planet will introduce terraforming to the Surviving Mars formula, adding a whole new stage of depth of management to the game that will ultimately give players something to truly do once they have their colony up and running.

Turning the red planet green isn’t easy, and that’s proven by the new terraforming resources players will have to manage in the expansion, including areas’ atmosphere, temperature, moisture, and other further in-depth aspects as the planet changes.

Check out the below tutorial from Paradox Interactive to see some of these things in action. They’re crazy cool.

Of course, the expansion will also have new special projects, climate calamities, buildings, and more to go with the game’s new endgame direction. That’s not all they have in store for the game, though.

Surviving Mars will also be getting a DLC called the Project Laika content pack. Project Laika will bring up to eight different animals to the game for players to raise on Mars for food and 25 different animals as pets, which will roam the landscape once it’s lush enough.

Surviving Mars owners will be able to pick up the Green Planet expansion for $19.99 and the Project Laika pack for $5.99 on May 16. Both will be available for purchase together as a bundle for $23.90, a tad bit cheaper for these seemingly both worthwhile additions to Haemimont’s Mars colony manager.

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