Fortnite’s Avengers: Endgame Event Teases Another Iconic Weapon

This week, Epic Games began teasing a Fortnite crossover event with the upcoming blockbuster Avengers: Endgame, which releases in theaters this week. Epic initially shared an image that showed a Battle Royale character wielding Captain America’s iconic shield. Now, a second teaser image for the game’s upcoming event features another piece of famed superhero equipment: Thor’s enchanted axe, Stormbreaker.

Like the first teaser, this one quotes the «Whatever it takes» tagline from Endgame and gives a release date of April 25, along with the #FortniteXAvengers hashtag. We see less of the character this time around, instead just barely seeing the hand clutching the axe. It seems safe to assume we’ll get another teaser-perhaps one with Iron Man’s suit or Hawkeye’s bow?-on Wednesday before the event begins on Thursday.

It stands to reason that the Battle Royale event will let players use equipment like Cap’s shield and Stormbreaker, likely in a special limited-time mode. Last year, Epic released a crossover mode to mark the release of Avengers: Infinity War. In that mode, the Infinity Gauntlet would crash into the island, and players would scramble to recover it. Doing so would transform them into Thanos himself and were able to wield various powers. It was so strong that it got nerfed almost immediately, a move made so that players would have a better chance to take down Thanos and have a chance to assume his power for themselves. Despite seeming like a natural fit, that event did not bring with it any Avengers-themed skins, although the game does have outfits that reference various movie characters (including one that looks a lot like Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord).

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor’s hammer was broken during the events of Thor: Ragnarok. He needed a new weapon to channel his power against Thanos, so he made a special trip to a star forge and helped to craft Stormbreaker. But when it finally came time to use the powerful new weapon in Infinity War, he struck Thanos in the chest, leaving the villain conscious enough to fulfill his plan to decimate half the population of the universe. Whoops!

Avengers: Endgame is releasing on April 26, though some screenings will take place the evening of April 25. Spoilers have started to leak on the Internet, so be sure to follow our very practical advice on how to avoid spoilers in the meantime.

Meanwhile, Epic is also teasing the game’s next big seasonal event as Season 9 approaches for the free-to-play game. Epic tends to always have a major event introduce new elements and map changes, and it appears this time around it will somehow related to several runes that have begun to slot into a vault at the bottom of Loot Lake. This is presumably unrelated to the Endgame being teased for the game, though we’ll know for sure in just a few days. In the meantime, you can continue to try earning battle stars through challenges-the Battle Pass will soon wrap up with the end of Season 8, locking off any remaining rewards you might not have yet earned.

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