Final Fantasy 14 Crossover Event With FFXV Begins

Final Fantasy XIV has begun its crossover event with the latest numbered entry in the franchise, Final Fantasy XV. The event will last through May 27, and brings a few familiar characters and equipment from the game into the MMO.

The event is called «A Nocturne for Heroes» and introduces Noctis and his iconic car, the Regalia. The Warriors of Light will be facing off against threats that have come from Noctis’ world of Eos, like magitek infantry and armor, and the Messenger, Garuda. The trailer shows how it all comes together.

You can cut your hair like Noctis, use a new Triple Triad card, ride in the Regalia mount, and listen to music from FFXV. To participate you’ll need to have reached level 50 and complete «The Ultimate Weapon» scenario. Begin the quest chain by finding Kipih Jakkya in Ul’dah on the Steps of Nald.

Final Fantasy XIV has been regularly updating with new events, including crossovers like one with Monster Hunter. The game is also currently hosting an Easter-themed event called Hatching-tide.

Final Fantasy XV has had a long slate of post-launch content as well. It launched its final episode, Ardyn, on March 26. That episode puts you in the buckled boots of the game’s villain, set 35 years before FFXV. This also gives you access to some new moves, like the speedy Shadow Move or the ability to Daemonify enemies.

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