You Can Grab Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice For $5 Off On PC

Released less than two weeks ago, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest game from the studio behind Dark Souls and Bloodborne, From Software. And if you’re a PC gamer who’s held off on buying Sekiro (maybe it’s the price, maybe you just don’t enjoy dying over and over), there’s already a discount on the game at Amazon, where you can get the PC version for $5 off. This is a digital download that you can redeem on Steam. Amazon will mail you the PC retail box, which contains the Steam key. Considering the game is so new and still selling for $60 for all versions at other retailers, $55 is a solid price if you were planning to buy it on PC anytime soon.

In GameSpot’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice review, critic Tamoor Hussain praised the game for its challenging, yet exhilarating combat, detailed environments, and satisfying stealth tactics. «More so than in previous games, From Software has honed in on the inherent tension found in the challenging nature of its games, and uses it to incredible effect,» he wrote. «Sekiro marries the developer’s unique brand of gameplay with stealth action to deliver an experience that is as challenging as it is gratifying.» The game received a 9/10.

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