20 Minutes of New The Outer Worlds Footage from PAX East

Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming first person action game The Outer Worlds got a lengthy demo at PAX East, and footage from that demo is making its way across the internet now.

The Outer Worlds’s story centers around Phineas Wells, a scientist on a mission to awaken a host of «settlers» in an artificial slumber. Further details are still under wraps, though.

The PAX footage is unique for the amount of material it shows. When the game was first revealed at the Game Awards, there wasn’t much to show, and the later Game Informer demo only highlighted a few key features, such as classless characters.

This demo shows 20 minutes of new footage, featuring the expansive and colorful HUD world and the game’s slick graphics, along with a short overview of a mission and experience progression.

This gives viewers a good look at basic mission structure they can expect throughout the game, as well as combat and some of the varied weapons at Phineas’s disposal.

Progression will be linear overall, though, much like Obsidian’s other games, how players choose to approach the game’s action will vary based on their playstyles and will affect the world and its NPCs differently as well.

It also highlights the branching dialogue options. Despite the game being linear in nature, the branching dialogue will make each playthrough different, and player’s choices will affect how Phineas develops.

The team behind The Outer Worlds is a star-studded one: Obsidian is known for Knights of the Old Republic II; Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, two of the minds behind the original Fallout are leading The Outer Worlds‘s development team; and the publisher, Private Division, is the indie arm of Take-Two Interactive, the parent company behind the Grand Theft Auto games.

The Outer Worlds is no stranger to being in the news. In addition to the short snippets of footage shown before now, the game made headlines for being yet another exclusive snatched out from under Steam. It also pleased a good many fans when Obsidian announced the game would not include microtransactions.

The Outer Worlds will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store sometime this year, with a Steam launch coming one year later.

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