Fortnite 8.30 Update And New Respawn Mechanic Coming Tomorrow

A new update is rolling out for Fortnite very soon. Downtime for this week’s 8.30 patch is scheduled to begin at 2 AM PT / 5 AM ET / 9 AM GMT tomorrow, April 10, developer Epic Games confirmed on Twitter, and it’s slated to introduce a game-changing new feature to the hit battle royale title.

Arriving as part of the 8.30 update are Reboot Vans. Much like the respawn stations found in Apex Legends, these vehicles will allow you to revive any fallen teammates during a match. Once a teammate is eliminated, they will drop a Reboot Card, which can be taken to a Reboot Van and used to bring them back into the fray.

«After a squadmate has been eliminated, grab their dropped Reboot Card and any surviving squadmates can activate it at a van,» Epic Games community manager Nathan Mooney explained in a recent Dev Update video. «Once activated, you’ll definitely know, as a beacon and audio cue will be set off, informing nearby players to the reboot in progress and how many players will be arriving. Your squad will appear, one by one, on top of the van-ready to jump back into the match.»

The Reboot Van is only the latest addition to Fortnite this season. Epic has been introducing new weapons and features to the game on a near-weekly basis. Last week’s 8.20 content update, for instance, added the Boom Bow, a new kind of bow whose arrows are lined with shotgun shells, causing them to explode on contact. The prior week introduced several new foraged consumables and made adjustments to various other items like the Baller vehicle.

There are a few weeks remaining in Season 8 of Fortnite. Week 7’s challenges are slated to arrive on April 11, but in the meantime, you can still complete any outstanding missions you have and get one step closer to unlock the Legendary Ruin skin in Week 8. You can find tips and guides for this season’s tricker missions in our full Fortnite Season 8 challenges roundup.

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