Sekiro Headless Boss Guide: Locations And Rewards

After encountering and killing your first Headless in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you’ll likely have felt a wave of exhilaration. But like all great threats, it doesn’t stop at once. That’s right, there’s actually multiple Headless in the game. And if you’ve taken it upon yourself to eliminate every single one, you’re likely going to need help finding them all.

Below we detail the locations of each of the Headless, but if you’d like more a visual reference, refer to our guide video above (coming soon). We also highlight the rewards you get upon successfully vanquishing them. However, if you need help defeating Headless of any kind, be sure to check out our guide on how to take one down. We’ve also got plenty more guides for Sekiro, including a rundown of where to find every Shinobi Prosthetic, 14 tips to stop dying so much, and how to beat the Chained Ogre, Jozou the Drunkard, and the Blazing Bull.

Ashina Outskirts

This is probably the first Headless you’ll meet; there are two ways to get to it. The Ashina Outskirts Stairway Sculptor’s Idol will take you down one of these paths, past the Chained Ogre, and into the Pit area where you can normally press onward towards the Underbridge Valley. Instead of going this direction, take a right where you’ll notice the cryptic sign pinned to a wall. Grapple ahead onto a few tree branches overlooking the cliff and you’ll see an area with markings indicating there is a ledge you can grip onto. Jump down from your branch and land on the ledge and shimmy your way over to solid ground. You’ll find a tunnel that you need to crouch through, and the tunnel will grow suspiciously dark where a lone light can be seen that upon closer inspection is the blade of the Headless.

The other route to the same exact Headless starts from the Shugendo Sculptor’s Idol near the Demon Bell in Senpou Temple, which will have you journey past a small tunnel into a building with a burnt outline of a person against the wall. This is actually a secret trap door that you can access by hugging the wall and fitting your character into the outline which will grant you passage into a dark tunnel into the Ashina Outskirts. If you have this idol unlocked, this path may be the quicker option if you need to attempt the mini-boss multiple times.

Reward: Ako’s Spiritfall – «Fallen headless spirit of Ako that increases Vitality and Posture Damage for a time, Consume Spirit Emblems to use repeatedly. Headless are the ruined form of corrupted heroes who once fought for their country. Seize the power of an inhuman spirit by laying it to rest, but risk going quite mad unless something is offered in return.»

Ashina Depths

This Headless is located in the Ashina Depths and is hidden by the mist. We suggest taking this one on after you’ve defeated the Mist Noble boss, which clears the area of any spirits and mist, allowing you to focus solely on the Headless. To get to it, simply grapple from the buddha statue and drop below to the Hidden Forest.

Reward: Gachiin’s Spiritfall – «Fallen, headless spirit of Gachiin. Suppresses sound and presence, making the user harder to detect, Consume Spirit Emblems for use repeatedly. Headless are ruined form of corrupted heroes who once fought for their country. “I’m falling to pieces,” said the man to himself, drifting deep into the forest.»

Ashina Castle Tower Lookout

First and foremost, this Headless requires the Mibu Breathing Technique Latent Skill to reach. You can find this one by going near a pool of water close to a bridge by the Old Grave Idol. Dive underwater and you’ll be lead right to it.

Reward: Ungo’s Spiritfall – «Fallen headless spirit of Ungo that reduces Vitality damage taken from physical attacks. Consume Spirit Emblems for use repeatedly. Headless are ruined form of corrupted heroes who once fought for their country. This warrior lost his mind in defense of the state. His attempted mutiny was met with a swift beheading, and the lifeless body sunk to the bottom of the moat.»

Sunken Valley

From the Under-Shrine Valley Sculptor’s Idol you will want to grapple across a chasm that you will see, and continue through some platforming before needing to hug a wall and gradually make your way across the corresponding ledge. Next to that you’ll find a small pool of water that you can dive into that’ll lead you to a cave to a Headless. It should be noted that to fight this particular Headless also requires the Mibu Breathing Technique Latent Skill.

Reward: Gokan’s Spiritfall – «Fallen, headless spirit of Gokan. Reduces posture damage taken for a time. Consume Spirit Emblems for use repeatedly. Headless are ruined form of corrupted heroes who once fought for their country. Dedicated burial mounds quietly appease the spirits with several heads, though none call upon them for long.»

Fountainhead Palace

This last Headless location is in the Fountainhead Palace, and there’s actually two. You can find them them near the big pool of water past the Flowerhead Sculptor’s Idol. One may even appear to be a bit more non ethereal, and in our experience, killing the non-ethereal Headless first caused the second to disappear, so we suggest prioritizing that one.

Reward: Yashariku’s Spirtfall – «Fallen Headless spirit of Yashariku. Briefly sacrifice max Vitality and Posture while gaining a large Attack Power Boost. Consume Spirit Emblems to use repeatedly. Headless are ruined form of corrupted heroes who once fought for their country. This brave soul’s twin was lost in utero. He may not have fallen to the palace nobles had his sibling been at his side…»

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