Civ 6 Now Supports Cross-Saves Between PC And Nintendo Switch

In a round of unexpected and excellent news, Firaxis Games announced today that Civilization VI now supports cross-platform saves for PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch. The functionality arrived in the game with the newest update.

To make it work, you need to link your 2K Account and select the «multi-platform cloud save» box in the options menu. You can sign up for a 2K Account here on 2K’s website. For now, cross-platform saves only work across PC and Nintendo Switch, and there is no word on if it’ll ever be supported with Civ 6’s iOS edition.

Here’s a handy video that to help you understand what cross-platform saves are and how to enable them in Civ 6:

Civ 6 launched in October 2016 for PC before coming to iOS about a year later. The. Nintendo Switch version launched in November 2018.

Civ 6’s latest expansion, Gathering Storm, launched in February. We scored the expansion a 9/10, and you can read our full Gathering Storm review here.

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