Ooblets Replaces Traditional Monster Battling with Dance-Offs

Ooblets will have different dance moves to perform, which can agitate opponents or boost your team’s confidence. Ego is the dance-off version of health, and Ooblets will run back home in shame if they lose all of it.

Indie developer Glumberland has revealed that its monster-raising-life-simulation game, Ooblets, has replaced traditional monster battles with dance-off battles in a new trailer from E3 2018.

Crash is a randomized event that can cause a move to miss and can be affected by accessories and other moves, while Fresh is another randomized event more akin to a critical hit; it is also affected by certain accessories and moves.

As Ooblets gain experience, they can be taught more dance moves and each of them will have different movesets and specialties.

There will also be a Dance Barn that will let players engage in friendly dance-off battles against in-game Ooblet trainers.

To learn more about Ooblets and the details on why the developers made this change, you can read the devlog post on the Ooblets website.

Ooblets is slated for a 2018 launch for Xbox One and PC.

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