SoulCalibur 6 Gets Story Mode and DLC Character Announcement

In Libra of Soul, players can create their own custom characters similar to previous entries in the series. New to SoulCalibur 6, these custom characters will roam the world in a quest to fight an evil mastermind, and along the way can encounter fighters created by the online community – meaning the possibilities of enemies is nearly endless. Bandai Namco boasts thousands of different combinations from 16 races to several different weapons and fighting styles.

SoulCalibur fans can rejoice with Bandai Namco’s announcement of a whole new story mode campaign and the return of a beloved fighter. Joining the Chronicle of Souls mode, SoulCalibur 6’s new Libra of Soul mode features an entirely separate story mode focused on custom fighters.

Introduced in Soul Calibur 3, the Bird of Death, Tira, also joins the battle as a bonus character for those who buy the season pass.

Tira will be available as a bonus character with the season pass, but will also be available as stand-alone DLC. Trained by a group of assassins known as the Birds of Passage, Tira is one of the only truly evil female fighters of the series.

Combining her unstable personality with her ring blade can prove to be quite deadly.

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