Battlerite: Raigon Loadout and Battlerites Guide

We are still facing the change of the loadout system in Battlerite, and it is affecting everyone’s playstyle. To help those who still don’t know what to do with the change, we have broken down Raigon’s battlerites for you and provided our suggested build, all to make sure you can lead this prince to domination.

Overflowing Power

Your next Sword Slash after landing Heavenly Strike sends forth a Slicing Wind, dealing 10 damage and restoring 14 health. This is a survival battlerite.

This ability makes Raigion more viable and tanky, while also dealing some damage. A decent combo for Raigon is also going from Heavenly Strike in to a Sword Slash, which makes this skill very useful.

Aerial Strike

Seismic Shock can be recast to leap and strike the airborne target, dealing 10 damage and increasing air duration by 0.5s. This is a mixed battlerite.

This skill is useful in certain conditions where you know you are going to have to go up against airborne targets. It is not the most useful in dealing with a standard match, but if you are concerned about air combat, it is a useful addition.


Move at 100% speed during Parry, and end with a Spinning Slash that hits twice, dealing 6 damage and inflicting a Stun that lasts 0.25s. This is a control battlerite.

This is a decent skill for anyone who wants to make use of Parry. Parry can be difficult to land and requires some skill, which means this is not the best all-around skill or a skill for new users of Raigon.

Royal Descent

Heavenly Strike deals an additional 6 damage to enemies struck. This is an offense battlerite.

If you want to get some easy damage out, this is an essential skill. Heavenly Strike is one of his main abilities, and it is used often, so this is a must to increase DPS. If you do not want a build around Heavenly Strike, this skill can be avoided.

Headlong Rush

The dash length of Retribution is increased by 30%. This is a mobility battlerite.

In order to make Raigon more mobile, this skill will need to be used. Regardless of your build, it is a good skill to add some mobility and make sure that Raigon can get his target or get you out of a sticky situation.


Each deflected attack grants you 1 weapon charge and 3 health. This is a survival battlerite.

This is another ability that is useful in keeping Raigon alive and providing some good utility. Being able to get both health and weapon charges is useful and will make you a lot more viable in a match.


When Parry ends, heal yourself and nearby allies for 8. This is a support battlerite.

This is a useful skill for anyone wanting some support utility to Raigon. This is also another skill that relies on Parry and therefore depends on which skills you want to focus on. There are other skills that can offer some healing that are more useful for Raigon.

Dragon Mastery

Landing Dragon Palm allows you to recast it for 1.5s. This is a control battlerite.

For those who want an aggressive build, Dragon Mastery may be a nice investment. It does not guarantee that damage or utility, though, and requires you to land the ability more than once, so it is somewhat advanced.

Shock Wave

Seismic Shock deals 4 bonus damage, and cooldown is reduced by 1s. This is an offense battlerite.

Some nice splash damage is never a bad thing, which is what this will provide players. It is for those seeking a more aggressive build for Raigon and who want to prioritize DPS.

Sword Dance

Sword Slash hits reduces the cooldown of Parry by 1s. This is a survival battlerite.

This is a nice ability for those who are making use of all of Raigon’s abilities. Since it is also not an ability that guarantees damage or utility, it is more for advanced players who can utilize Raigon’s skills.

Hawk Dive

Heavenly Strike inflicts a 1.6s Fading Snare. This is a control battlerite.

Hawk Dive is a nice battlerite to offer some control abilities and make Raigon more diverse in combat. It can be useful for a sticky situation and has the possibility of making Raigon more viable overall.


Maximum Energy is increased by 25%, and Retribution grants 6% bonus energy. This is a utility battlerite.

Increasing your maximum energy is never a bad thing, so an ability to increase maximum energy can be a nice addition. It is also very beginner-friendly, as it is a guaranteed benefit.

The Tiger and the Dragon

Wrath of the Tiger end with a Heavenly Strike. This is an offense battlerite.

This ability is a good way to make the most use of your ultimate ability. Leading with Wrath of the Tiger and then getting a Heavenly Strike in can be a game changer.

The Power of the Blade

Every unique target struck grants you 10 health. This is a survival battlerite.

This ability is nice to make sure you are more survivable. It requires you to hit unique targets, which may not be the best option given the situation, so it is dependent on how confident the player is.

Standard Build

This build consists of: Headlong Rush, Overflowing Power, Duelist, Resolve, and Royal Decent.

This is an all-around build for any match you find yourself in, and it can be tailored for specific situations. This build is also reliant on Heavenly Strike and Sword Slash. It’s a good mix of damage and utility to give Raigon survivability.

Hope this build brings you domination in your next match. Let us know in the comments who you are using in Battlerite.

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