Red Dead Online Leaves Beta With Big Additions

Get ready to saddle up once again fellers, because Red Dead Online is officially leaving beta mode behind and entering full release.

In celebration of that milestone, anyone logging in and playing this week gets an extra 15 Gold Bars and a 25% increase of XP in most activities.

Rockstar issued a statement to fans who tried out Red Dead Online over the previous months:

A massive thank you to everyone who participated during the beta period. Your feedback has been instrumental in helping us fine tune the game so far with many of your suggestions implemented in today’s update, and we will continue to implement more of your feedback in future updates to come.

This is just the beginning. The future of Red Dead Online not only includes continued improvements to the core elements of the world to make every aspect of the game fun for all kinds of players, but also brand-new experiences that establish a deeper, more immersive connection to the world and your character.

What’s New In Red Dead Online

So what exactly did will be in Red Dead Online‘s full launch?

Easily the biggest change is the addition of the Offensive and Defensive modes to reduce griefing and allow players to decide how they want to play.

All players default to Offensive mode to start, but they can change if they prefer not to fight other players. Anyone playing Defensive mode takes less damage from other players and can’t be lassoed or targeted by the auto-aim system. On the flip side, they also can’t join PvP mission.

In addition to that updated system, all of these new features just landed on Red Dead Online:

  • Cooperative story missions (including both the honorable Gunslinger path and the dishonorable Outlaw path)
  • Free roam activities (with characters and locations from the base game, such as the Aberdeen pig farm)
  • New dynamic events when wandering the countryside
  • Poker games seating up to 6 players in Blackwater, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, Valentine and Flatneck Station.
  • Competitive fishing, hunting, and plant gathering in Posse Versus challenges
  • Showdown Mode gains Overrun, a new playstyle where you have to capture enemy territory
  • A new 9 round handgun named the LeMat Revolver is now available from the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue.
  • The flip off and throat slit emotes are now available
  • Updated Hostility System better tracks aggressive player behavior
  • The auto-aim headshot tracking against other players has been removed
  • Weapon swapping now occurs much faster
  • The economy has shifted with gold bar payouts bumped up for activities

What do you think of these changes to the game, and are you planning on coming to Red Dead Online with the full launch?

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