Ho-Oh to Appear in Pokemon GO Raid Battles

Ho-Oh is one of Johto’s legendary Pokemon, a Fire-and-Flying type that once graced the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City. Despite the recent introduction of legendary Pokemon over the summer, Ho-Oh has remained absent from the game until now – and the length of time it’s available is the shortest of the bunch.

Over the weekend, Niantic announced that players had reached the ultimate goal of the Pokemon GO Global Challenge, catching a collective 3 billion Pokemon over the course of a week. That means players unlocked the promised rewards of items Farfetch’d and, for East Asian players, Kangaskhan.

But there’s more. As a special reward for exceeding the Challenge’s goals, Ho-Oh is available worldwide until December 12 in Legendary Raids.

Legendary Raids are notoriously difficult. With legendary Pokemon having the lowest capture rates of all, it’s recommended you go in with at least eight trainers, and Water-, Electric-, or Rock-type Pokemon would be ideal for your team. For more information about how to improve your catch rates in Legendary Raids, check out our guide for catching legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO (it’s about the Legendary Beasts, but the same mechanics apply for Ho-Oh).

Are you excited about the opportunity to catch the last legendary bird? Let us know in the comments!

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