Is Super Mario Odyssey 2 Player? Yes, and Here’s How It Works

A few weeks ago, Nintendo launched Super Mario Odyssey, an ambitious open-world game set in one of the gaming community’s most beloved worlds. And given the unparalleled quality of the experience, it’s no wonder that the game has had a wildly successful release.

What’s more, Super Mario Odyssey supports local co-operative play, allowing two people to play the game together on the couch!

In the video, the Nintendo Treehouse team shows off Super Mario Odyssey‘s co-op mode, demonstrating that the first player controls Mario as normal, but the second player is able to control Cappy as an autonomous character.

If you are playing as Mario, you can run, jump, and explore the world as you usually would in single player. As Cappy, you can help Mario out by looking out for enemies and other hazards, interacting with the environment, and gathering items – the Cappy player can even do this while Mario is possessing someone (or something)!

Co-operative play in Super Mario Odyssey broadens an already awesome experience, and it’s an experience that you can share.

With the holidays coming up, Super Mario Odyssey makes for a great gift for a friend or loved one – a gift that both of you can enjoy playing together!

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Set for an international release on January 26, 2018, Monster Hunter: World promises to deliver the best possible hunting experience to date with its hunts, graphics, revamped mechanics, and other new additions.

Coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One – as well as PC at some point – the franchise has shifted from Nintendo consoles (particularly the WiiU and the 3DS), meaning that the game (as well as the possibility of future titles) will run on more powerful systems, as well as attract a wider variety of audiences since it will be accessible to more people.

When the game was revealed during Sony’s 2017 E3 conference, a lot of people were intrigued, particularly those who never played a Monster Hunter title before. Whether they never heard of the franchise or did not have a console to play the games on, the announcement sparked curiosity, intrigue, and excitement.

Monster Hunter isn’t a complex game: kill or capture monsters, get their carves and items, use the carves to craft weapons and armor, and repeat all the way until the end of the game. However, there are more things to this game than you might imagine. As an experienced veteran player who played every single western Monster Hunter title, as well as a few Eastern ones, this guide offers insight that also hopes to inform and educate newcomers about the franchise, and what they need to know and prepare for when the Monster Hunter: World hits shelves in January of next year.

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