Legendary Winner Beach Umbrella Drops With Fortnite Season 5

The Beach Umbrella is unassuming enough. It’s color scheme and design closely tied with this Season’s (alleged) summer theme. Unlike victory umbrellas of the past, this one’s a bit drab and pedestrian, but it confers the same message to friend and foe alike: you don’t want to be (or can’t be) messed with. It means you’ve bested 99 other players and claimed victory royale.

Your patience has finally paid off: Season 5 of Fortnite is finally upon us. Not only does that mean we’re getting brand-new locations in Paradise Palms and Lazy Links – as well as a killer All Terrain Kart that’s sure to make fans of Caddyshack well with pride – it also means we’re getting a brand-new legendary winner umbrella.

Drop into the map with this umbrella and players will either run away or immediately try to gun you down.

If you’re looking to nab the ultimate Fortnite honor by claiming this season’s victory umbrella, make sure to check out the tips and tricks on our Fortnite guides page.

How To Get It

Getting the Beach Umbrella is pretty simple: just win a game. You can do this in any of Fortnite‘s modes – single player, duos, or squads.

Here are some quick tips to help you get claim victory royale (although at this point, you’re probably a pro already):

  • Land Near Settlements: This tips bears repeating. It may be enticing to land right in the middle of Lazy Links or Risky Reels, but you’re not the only player with the same idea. Try landing outside of hot spots to pick off other players.
  • Grab a High-Powered Weapon ASAP: This is easier said than done, but you’ll want a sniper rifle or shotgun in the early game. Getting a shotgun and/or sniper rifle together makes you a dual threat.
  • Keep Quiet: Sound is an integral part of Fortnite. The quieter you are, the less likely your enemies are to find you – especially in buildings.
  • Take Cover/Be a Bush: Don’t just stand out in the open. Always look for cover – even if you’re chasing another player. Additionally, take advantage of being a bush. Here’s how.
  • Horde Medkits, Use Shield Potions: Your shield keeps you alive; lose it, and your health goes bye-bye. Keep medkits for when you absolutely need them, but use shield potions as soon as you find them, especially if your shield isn’t maxed-out.
  • Be a Vulture: Sure, it’s kind of cheap, but to ensure you get victory royale and the Beach Umbrella, you need to pick off other players quickly and easily. The best way to do that is to find firefights, let them play out, and then swoop in for the kill on injured players.
  • Loot Everything – FAST: The only way to win in Fortnite is to get weapons and all ze good loots. Sometimes it’s better to let another player survive if it means you’ll have more time to loot a high-powered weapon. Weigh each encounter before jumping in.

That’s all you need to know about the Beach Umbrella in Fortnite Season 5. Of course, the tips above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to claiming victory royale. Check out either our guides page (linked before the tips above) or check out our growing guides master list.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on Epic’s battle royale sensation as it develops.

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