Legends Return to Clockwork City Expansion Available Now

The expansion takes place hundreds of years after Sotha Sil’s downfall and sees players attempting to make their way to the mysterious city of legend in search of unimaginable treasure. Of course, there’s danger to face, too.

Not only will players deal with betrayal and terrible creatures along their journeys to Clockwork City; there’s also the danger in the city itself, and players are the ones who will ultimately determine the fate of Clockwork City, now a rusted shadow of its former glory.

Return to Clockwork City, the latest expansion in the popular strategy card game The Elder Scrolls: Legends, is now available to download on PC, iOS, and Android. It features three brand-new acts, new mechanics, and new cards, all taking inspiration from adventure tales of old.

Return to Clockwork City takes place over three expansive acts, made up of 35 sprawling missions and a variety of “challenging scenarios” to overcome. However, players will have some handy extras to help them on their way. The new Assemble mechanic gives players the ability to choose two bonuses when they play an Assemble creature. These bonuses will apply to that creature and also to all Factotums in players’ decks and hands. Then there’s the new Treasure Hunt mechanic. A hunter watches every player move, waiting for them to draw the treasure it seeks. Once they’ve drawn everything it’s looking for, they’ll be rewarded.

In addition to 50 new collectible cards, the Return to Clockwork City DLC also introduces a new class of playable creature: Fabricants, the offspring of Sotha Sil. These are a mixture of flesh and metal that reward you for playing neutral cards. There are five Fabricants total, corresponding with the five attributes.

Players can purchase a bundle of all three acts, along with alternate Laaneth card art, for $19.99, or they can purchase individual acts for $7.99 (or 1,000 gold) a piece.

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