Minecraft’s Update Aquatic Phase 2 Surges Onto Servers

The Update Aquatic also introduces a few things we’ve never seen in a Minecraft update before. Now, fish and schools of fish are procedurally generated for each encounter; aquatic mobs, specifically salmon and squid, vary in size; nine new ocean biomes will populate seeds; and certain water tiles will occupy the same space.

Thanks to Fortnite, Minecraft is no longer the most popular game in the world. But that doesn’t mean fans of the sandbox builder are getting left behind. Released today for «Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Engine platforms» such as Windows 10, VR, mobile, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, Update Aquatic Phase 2 brings a bevy of improvements and additions to the game.

Players will find that the update fills Minecraft‘s waters with 3,000 new fish species and brand-new community adventures.

What’s more, the patch also includes a new weapon in the Trident, as well as four accompanying enchantments:

  • Loyalty: Allows the trident to return to the player after it’s thrown
  • Channeling: Conjures a lightning bolt to devastate enemy mobs
  • Riptide: Allows players to travel in the direction the trident is thrown
  • Impaling: Deals additional damage to aquatic enemies

A press release for the patch says that Update Aquatic also brings «greater improvements to gameplay mechanics», although the release does not detail what those improvements are. The Minecraft website lists some improvements here.

Phase One of the Update Aquatic launched in May.

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