New Homebrewed Game Boy Game Tobu Tobu Girl Released

Indie developer Tangram Games has released a homebrew title for the original Game Boy – and it’s a cutesy, simple arcade platformer called Tobu Tobu Girl. Not only that, but the game is available for free on the developer’s website, as a ROM download playable through a Game Boy emulator, or as a functioning Game Boy cartridge complete with box and instruction manual.

The full Tobu Tobu Girl package you can buy on the official website – complete with cartridge, box, and 12-page full-color instruction manual.

The game sees you attempting to save your cat, who is floating further and further into the atmosphere after he’s been tied to a wayward balloon, and you must jump and bounce off of various enemies chilling out in the sky in order to save your feline friend in time.

Some of the features touted on the website include:

  • “Land on enemies to bounce off of their heads gaining height. Be careful! Some enemies are less susceptible to bouncing than others.”
  • “Use your dash to quickly maneuver around. Keep your dash count in mind. You can only dash three times. Land on an enemy to regain dashes.”
  • “Dash down into enemies to propel yourself upwards while sending them crashing towards the ground. Do this to regain some of your boosting energy.”
  • And more!

You can download the game for free off of the game’s official website, but as mentioned above, you can also purchase a physical copy of the game. At the time of this writing, the first batch of the physical release is sold out, and it seems as though the following batches will be quite small.

However, you can still monitor when new batches will become available by following the developers on Twitter or inquiring by email at ttg.announce@gmail.com.

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