Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Won’t Get More Games Until 2019

There will be no further additions to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility catalog until the New Year, Microsoft has confirmed. Microsoft’s Larry «Major Nelson» Hryb wrote on Twitter that Xbox is pausing releases until 2019 because the team is taking some time off for the holidays.

Microsoft historically temporarily stops releasing major new features or content to its platforms in the weeks leading up to the holidays so it can instead focus on making sure its devices like Xbox One and others are steady and reliable for the many new people coming online during the holidays.

All Xbox One models are currently $50 off in the US, and that sale, along with the regular uptick in sales during the holidays, will surely mean many new Xboxes are being switched on during the holidays, so it makes sense that Microsoft would want to focus on that being a good experience.

2018 was another big year for the backwards compatibility library, as Microsoft added more than 100 titles to the catalog during the year. There are now more than 550 games in the library, of which 57 are «enhanced» for Xbox One X.

The Xbox One backwards compatibility library includes Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. New titles are added on a semi-regular basis (apart from this holiday season break), with the latest batch-Duke Nukem Forver, The Darkness, and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified-arriving this week.

As always, if you own these games already, you can simply put the disc into your Xbox One and start playing. If you own them digitally you can find them in your game collection and redownload them. Check out our full list of backwards compatible games for more.

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