12 Best Adult Board Games of 2017

There’s only so many rounds of Elder Scrolls: Legends to play or so many Destiny 2 raids you can embark on before you have to actually sit face to face with your friends for a game night!

For the hardcore gamers, there’s no shortage of epic board games that are every bit as fun as their digital counterparts, with some actually ending up considerably more in-depth than anything on console or PC.

If your group consists solely of adults, then all the better, because these games take strategy and frequently include themes that aren’t for the little ones. Sadly, there was no new Drinking Quest entry this year, although new edition Liquor Before Honor will hit next summer (so keep your beer nice and cold while you wait).

The sting of that missing franchise can be soothed somewhat by the slew of high-quality games that landed in 2017, with 12 in particular that are well worth playing.

Although the focus is on “board” games, here we’re going to go ahead and include card games as well, since the line between them frequently gets blurred, and some of the raunchiest fun for adult games will always come from the card-based entries.

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