Battlefront 2’s 1.04 Update Grants Anticipated Features for Players

Battlefront II released its recent update 1.04 last week for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, fixing development issues relating to gameplay and user compatibility.

The update fixes bugs surrounding some of the game’s largest maps and introduces a new MVP screen after a round to highlight the top scorers.

DICE also addressed some of the grievances players have expressed about rewards for game play. In this patch, the developers increased the amount of credits players receive after a match, with even more added credits for players in top-ranking positions.

In addition, players now receive more crafting items in their Daily Log-in Loot Crates.

With the 1.04 update comes The Last Jedi Season, which starts today and allows players to select between The First Order and The Resistance. Choosing a side separates the rewards granted to players, such as different characters, maps, and vehicles.

Some other fixes in the update include the reductions of points received in certain game modes and reduced damage dealt by certain weapons, along with tweaks made to characters and maps that originally gave unfair advantage to some players. General gameplay mechanics and texture discrepancies were fixed as well. For a full list of the patch notes, see here.

EA also announced that new single-player content will become available December 13th.

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