See How They Made The Music For PS4’s Days Gone

Sony has published a neat mini-documentary about the music of the latest big PlayStation 4 exclusive, Days Gone. In the video, composed Nathan Whitehead, who worked on the Purge film series before this, talks about how he went about creating the music for the game.

He speaks about how the sounds he went for-acoustic, organic, folk, Americana-are rough around the edges just like main character Deacon St. John is. Another cool part of the video is Whitehead talking about how he came up with the musical expression for the Freakers.

«Scoring Days Gone is the same as scoring three movies, plus figuring out how the music can be interactive and how it can respond to what the player is doing,» Whitehead says.

GameSpot spoke to Whitehead recently, and he told us all about making the game’s dark and grimy music. He also offered some thoughts on the kind of music that Deacon might like.

You can listen to Days Gone’s complete soundtrack through the Spotify embed below.

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