Cobalt WASD Guide: Mastering Combat Controls

Cobalt WASD is a multiplayer spin-off to the acclaimed platformer Cobalt. It has only one mode: 4v4 cooperative online combat, which requires not only focus and precision but also a solid knowledge of keyboard and mouse controls.

Before venturing into the world of fast shooting, jumping, and running, take a look at the control scheme featured in Cobalt WASD.

This guide will also provide you with a few essential tips and give you a sense of what to expect from this cool little game.

Mastering Controls in Cobalt WASD

Jumping and Ducking

These two types of moves are the most important for you to master if you want to efficiently aim and dodge the enemy team’s bullets.

  • Press Space twice for a double jump with a roll. This will allow you to overcome higher obstacles.
  • If you hit the wall, press Space at the wall to roll upwards.
  • In order to move faster, use ducking while moving down slopes for a sliding effect.
  • If you want to fall faster, then use ducking while in the air.
Quick Melee Damage

You will have access to a whole variety of firearms and grenades in Cobalt WASD, but don’t neglect melee damage, as it grants you five times more volts (an in-game currency) for killing an enemy.

In order to effectively use melee damage, get used to triggering the mouse wheel when you get close enough to the enemy player.

Mastering Grenades

Grenades can be super effective if used correctly:

  • Use the F button for a quick grenade, but don’t forget to aim first with your mouse.
  • When you release the button, the grenade will follow the crosshair.
  • You can add more speed to your grenade if you move and throw at the same time.
Using Equipment

In the game’s shop you can purchase one of the four available equipments in the game, which can significantly boost your gameplay:

  • Hook: attaches to walls and pulls you towards them.
  • Dash: boosts you in any direction you like, stunning enemies you hit along the way.
  • Jet: gives you an ability to fly around.
  • Shield: protects your body from damage.

Your equipment can be activated by pressing the Shift button.

With the help of these beginner tips, you can confidently move around any map in Cobalt WASD and destroy your enemies in the blink of an eye.

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