Cupdate v1.1.3 for Cuphead Released by Studio MDHR

Cuphead, the indie hit about a pair of animated cup brothers running and gunning their way through the minions of The Devil, has recently received its most recent patch from the developers at Studio MDHR. The v1.1.3 patch, also titled the “Cupdate,” fixes a number of smaller bugs and balancing issues that were pointed out by various players after launch.

Among the fixes made to the game:

  •  A slight damage reduction to the charge shot weapon
  • The elevator in the level “Rugged Ridge” no longer gets stuck in 2-Player mode if Player 1 dies
  • A fix for the nonstop rumbling controller glitch
  • “Various art and animation polish”
  • You can no longer damage bosses that are off-screen
  • “Touch fuzzy, get a little dizzy” (nice Yoshi’s Island reference)
  • And more

If you want to read more on the update, you can find it on the official Studio MDHR blog.

Cuphead is available now for PC and Xbox One. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Cuphead news as it develops!

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