Destiny 2 Guide: EDZ Servitors Locations

Each day, Destiny 2 brings three new challenges to each activity in the game. One such challenge you might see while exploring the European Dead Zone on Earth is the “You Got Served” challenge.

This Destiny 2 challenge tasks you with destroying five Fallen Servitors which may seem easy, but in practice, isn’t exactly so. You’ll quickly notice how infrequently you encounter the floating purple spheres in the wilds of the EDZ. So read on for a quick way of knocking out this challenge.

Where to Find Fallen Servitors in the EDZ

The most reliable source of Fallen Servitors in the European Dead Zone can be found via the “Servitor Resupply” public event which takes place in two separate locations in the EDZ. In each event, you can find five Servitors – including the Boss Servitor, which is much harder to eliminate than its other servitor ads..

At the start of the event, there will be one Servitor shielding the Boss Servitor. After reducing the Boss Servitor to half health, three Servitors will appear and boost the Boss Servitor’s attack and defense. To quickly destroy them before they disappear, save your Super for this moment and melt them accordingly.

Remember that if you don’t have your Super charged before the event starts, you can automatically recharge all of your abilities by Rallying at the Flag that marks the location of the event.

Note: By killing the three Servitors that appear at 50% boss health quickly enough, you can activate the Heroic version of this public event which offers a greater chance at better loot.

Public Event Location 1 – EDZ Outskirts

The first public event is located in the northeast corner of the Outskirts area in the lower half of the EDZ map. You’ll know if an event is occurring when the public event icon appears in that location on your map.

The “Servitor Resupply” public event isn’t the only event that takes place here, however. There is also the chance that the “Weapons Exchange” public event will occur which has you taking down a Fallen Walker, but will feature less (if any) Servitors.

Public Event Location 2 – Firebase Hades

This event spawns in the centre of the Firebase Hades area of the European Dead Zone in the top left of the EDZ map. As far as I’m aware, the only public event that takes place here is the “Servitor Resupply” event, so you don’t have to worry about a different event starting in this location.

Farming this public event in the Firebase Hades area should net you enough Servitor eliminations to complete the “You Got Served” challenge.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful, and if you know of a more reliable way of finding Servitors in the EDZ, let us know in the comments below and we’ll add your method to the list!

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