Digimon Links Guide: What are the Best Capture Events?

Every now and then, special events come to Digimon Links that give players once-in-a-long-time opportunities to try their luck at getting their hands on some of the most powerful Digimon or rarest items in the game.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about these special events – and even let you know which current capture event is most worth your DigiStones!

What are Capture Events in Digimon Links?

Capture events are sometimes referred to as Gacha or gashapon. In Japanese, a gashapon is a vending machine that dispenses capsule toys. You know those capsule machines at the entrance/exit of grocery stores where you can win the 50-cent jewelry? That’s the American equivalent to Gacha.

But since Digimon Links was first released in Japan, these terms stuck to what we are now calling capture events in Digimon Links.

A capture event is a special event held in-game, usually for anywhere between a week to a month, that allows you to gamble your DigiStones for big prizes. These are most often events where you can capture rare Digimon, but there are also events where you can capture rare materials like chips.

In our Digimon Links Beginner’s Guide, we specifically mention that you should save your stones and try to use them as sparingly as possible for things like reviving your Digimon. You want to save them for these capture events because the things you can get from these events are often times invaluable. The current ATK/DEF Chip Capture event, shown above, is a great example.

Current Digimon Links Capture Events

With the game still being new, Digimon Links is currently hosting some really awesome capture events. The quality of stuff you can get from these capture events is significantly higher than normal in celebration of the North American release of the game.

Release Anniversary Megafest Capture

This capture event ends on October 30. In the Release Anniversary Megafest Capture, you are guaranteed one Mega in every 10 pulls. Many players are investing all of their early DigiStones in trying their luck on snagging an Omegamon.

Leader Skill Capture

This capture event ends on October 23. You’re guaranteed one Digimon with a Leader Skill for every 10 pulls. Leader Skills are some of the most powerful skills in the game, and they’re non-transferable, so this is a pretty prestigious event. Here are some of the available Leader Skills in this event:

  • One-Hit Wonder: Major Boost to Critical Rate
  • HP Ultrabooster: Major Boost to HP
  • Ancient Lupine Lunge: Major Boost to Attack
  • Ancient Dragon’s Blessing: Major Boost to Defense
  • Ancient Arcane Tracery: Major Boost to S. Attack
  • Ancient Protective Array: Major Boost to S. Defense
  • Speed Star Gamma: Major Boost to Speed
  • Ultra Radar Patch: Major Boost to Accuracy
ATK/DEF Chip Capture

This capture event ends on October 23. You’re guaranteed one pickup chip for every 10 pulls. Chips are materials you can install in your Digimon to give them stat increases. Chips offer some of the best end-game upgrades in Digimon Links, so this is something you’ll eventually need. Chip captures are some of the rarest and most valuable events in the game.

Rare Capture

Rare Capture is a regular event. You’re guaranteed to get a Rookie Digimon (or higher) with every pull.

Link Capture

Link Capture is a regular event. You’re guaranteed an In-Training II Digimon with each pull, saving you the time in raising babies in your Garden. It’s a good way to raise fodder Megas for Awakening purposes.

Which Digimon Links Capture Event is the Best?

This question really depends on where you’re at in the game. For starters, don’t waste time on the regular events. Rare Capture and Link Capture are, in my opinion, a waste of valuable DigiStones. Not to mention, they’ll be around for an indefinite amount of time.

For brand new players, the Release Anniversary Megafest Capture is by far the best. The sooner you have a party full of three Megas, the sooner you can power through quests and mid- to end-game content.

For experienced players, dump your DigiStones into the ATK/DEF Chip Capture event while it lasts. Chips are extremely powerful and players of the Japanese version of the game have said that chip captures don’t come up often. These aren’t easy to come by. If you’re a new player with a ton of DigiStones, you could also throw some into this event for the future. Chips are always going to be useful, and guaranteeing at least one pickup chip for every 10 pulls is huge. New players may not have a desperate need for chips now, but you’ll eventually need them to clear certain quests.

If you’re planning to play Digimon Links over a long-term period of time, my suggestion is that you put the majority of your DigiStones into the chip capture until it expires on October 23. You’ll have another whole week to put DigiStones into the Megafest capture until it disappears on October 30.

When it comes to DigiStones, these events are what you want to have them saved up for. While there are a lot of other tempting uses for DigiStones, having them in maximum quantities so that you’re guaranteed a one-out-of-10 pull is a serious advantage.

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