Disgaea 5 Nintendo Switch Review. Totally awesome Dood!!!

Disgaea 5, a great game that has been ported over to the Nintendo Switch, offers plenty of enjoyment and many hours of gameplay. I often find myself playing in short bursts in handheld mode. Thus, Disgaea 5 could easily create a “pick-up-and-play” experience, which separates the Switch version from the PS4 version. However, Disgaea offers so much more than a great “pick-up-and-play” experience.


In terms of gameplay, Disgaea 5 provides sweet honey that satisfies even the hungriest of gamers. Additionally, Disgaea 5 will provide you with hours upon hours of endless gameplay. However, it’s the fighting mechanics of the game that prove to be some of the most addictive.

With combination techniques, different special attacks, different abilities, and class changes, Disgaea 5 offers several different battle mechanics and techniques one should become acquainted with.

The variety of battle techniques creates additional enjoyment within the game and allows the player several choices on how to dispose of certain enemies. Want to watch a combination attack, with a cheesy cut-scene of people jumping into space to bone-rush the crap out of an enemy? You can do that. Wanna beat the sh*t out of someone with an eight-man tower? You can do that. Wanna be that guy that just uses nothing but strong, broken characters? Well, you can do that if you really want to ….

The ability to constantly rotate and try out different characters allows the player to try different flavors and discover how to create the perfect recipe for success. The constant mix and matching in combat sequences never bores the player and creates a fresh and unique experience for each battle. Thus, in terms of combat, Disgaea 5 offers a great experience.

Disgaea 5 offers several great gameplay experiences outside of combat. Leveling up your class, upgrading weapons to crush withering opponents, buying and purchasing items to create advantages before combat sequences – Disgaea 5 allows the player to customize characters with ease.

However, the council meetings offer some of the most interesting gameplay experiences. Council meetings help the player pass bills that normally benefit the player.You can bribe members of the council to sway a few votes in your favor. However, you also have the option to duke it out with council members if everything fails (would not recommend doing).

You can also recruit characters that you can customize and take along with your main party. Additionally, the Switch version includes all the DLC thus far released; you have access to all the side quests and additional characters. With the variety of customizations, the player forms a special connection with the playable characters. The multiple customization options make the characters feel unique and makes the customized character feel special in their own aspects.


The characters provide simple yet comical humor that makes each of them likeable. Watching the characters interact with each other allows the player to feel a connection with each character. Additionally, while each character may have different motivations, each character pursues the same objective. This allows each character to form relationships with each other and makes the player have a stronger understanding of the plot.

Disgaea 5 revolves around Killia and the rebel army that wants to defeat Lord Void Dark, an overlord who currently has captured several Netherworlds. Each character within the rebel army has different motives, such as being driven by revenge, driven by wanting to become the strongest overlord, and simply not wanting to follow through with a marriage. However, each character has the same end goal: to defeat Lord Void Dark.

Thus, the different motives allow each character to stand out and help the player grow attached to the different characters within Disgaea 5. Do you enjoy watching soap operas? Do you like cheesy skits? Yes??? Then you probably will enjoy the dialogue in Disgaea 5. Watching the dialogue and interactions of different characters provides laughter and enjoyment. Overall, in terms of story, Disgaea 5 offers a solid one that makes the player want to progress through the game.


Graphically, Disgaea 5 does its job and not much else. The colors do have a cute little charm, and the characters have great detail. Some stages however, look very similar. These similarities unfortunately make a few stages lack in special value.


Overall, Disgaea 5 provides many hours of entertainment and a great on-the-go experience. If you like JRPG’s and want a game that will last a while, I would recommend Disgaea 5. The great gameplay, plot, and character development will bring you great enjoyment for a long time.

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