Exciting New Details on For Honor Season 4

The new heroes will be available for season pass holders on the 14th, however if you don’t have one you’ll still be able to get the players on the 21st of November for 15,000 Steel each.

Ubisoft have recently carried forward new details on what season four of For Honor has in store for its players. The new season will kick off on the 14th of November and includes new heroes, maps and modes.

The new season is entitled “Order and Havoc”. The two new heroes are Aramusha and Shaman who belong to the Samurai and Viking classes respectively. Aramusha is going to be a hybrid character, mixing both fast attacks and quickly put together defensive skills. Shaman will bring together two new abilities called Blood Trance and Predator’s mercy. The first ability will allow players to gain back health from successful strikes whereas the latter will allow players to dive into other characters with a flurry of attacks.

Two new maps are also going to be available for the release of season four, titled Market Town and The Gauntlet. They are free and will be accessible for all For Honor players on November 14th.

Tribute mode will also arrive with the Order and Havoc season. This mode is an objective-based 4V4 team mode that is centered around bringing offerings to a shrine. In return for successfully securing an offering, you will be able to choose from three perks to help you for the match. Vindicator will give you an attack boost, Guardian will provide you with a regenerating shield and Oracle will allow you to spot players on the map. Ubisoft believes that:

 “…the Offerings and their blessings can tip the scale of battle in a team’s favor at any given time, requiring teammates to make thoughtful choices about the Heroes they bring into battle, what feats they equip, and how to adapt to any given situation.”

If you haven’t been able to get your hands on For Honor then you’ll be able to experience the game as Ubisoft are offering a free weekend across all platforms. It will run from the November 9th to November 12th, and you’ll have access to all maps, heroes and modes running up to season three. Furthermore, any progress you make on the free weekend will be saved and carried over if you decide to purchase the game.

Are you excited for season four of For Honor? Do you think you’ll try the free weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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