Fire Emblem Warriors Guide – How to Unlock the Secret Characters

Unlocking the History Mode characters is no joke either. You’re asked to clear an entire map before you can unlock your characters rather than a single chapter – Story Mode may as well have handed you the other 20 on a silver plater. Not only that, but you have to actually unlock the map if you haven’t already.

There are a total of 23 characters to play as and build relationships between in Fire Emblem Warriors. You unlock 20 of these characters simply by playing through Chapter 14 in Story Mode, but in order to unlock the final 3, you must delve into the depths of History Mode.

It may be a bit of a grind, but History Mode actually hides some pretty nifty characters. Lyn is probably the easiest of the three to unlock while Celica is only slightly harder. Anna, on the other hand, takes a lot longer to unlock than the other two due to all the work you have to put into unlocking her mission.

How to Unlock Lyn in Fire Emblem Warriors

Lyn is the only totally unique character of the three unlocked from History Mode, skillfully wielding a sword to decimate her foes. She’s found on Noble Lady of Caelin, a History Mode map that’s unlocked by beating Story Mode.

The main goal in this map is to simply reach the castle by defeating the enemies in your way. A first glance at the enemies in this map may be intimidating since many of them reach level 50, but if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll notice you can cut a path through to the castle by fighting enemies around level 25.

Once you beat the fellow guarding the castle, Lyn will show up on the right side of the map to challenge you. Beat her to gain entry to the castle, and beat the guy inside to unlock Lyn as a playable character.

How to Unlock Celica in Fire Emblem Warriors

Celica is a sword-wielder that plays a lot like Marth. She’s found on the map Together to the End, which is also unlocked by completing Story Mode.

Unlike other History Mode maps, Together to the End doesn’t have a very straightforward progression. Just spend some time defeating enemies on the map until Celica appears in the South-East surrounded by eyes. Defeat the enemies adjacent to the eyes in order to clear the way to Celica and fight her.

You won’t unlock Celica by defeating her though, and nothing noticeably changes on the map after that either. Just spend some more time clearing battles until 3 unique enemies eventually appear on the map, also surrounded by eyes. Again, reach them by defeating the enemies adjacent to the eyes and defeat all 3 in order unlock the final battle against a cursed Darios. Defeat Darios to unlock Celica.

How to Unlock Anna in Fire Emblem Warriors

Anna is an Archer with a playstyle similar to Takumi and Sakura. She is found on Invisible Ties – a History Mode map unlocked from clearing Chapter 5 – after you complete the Fire Emblem Awakening illustration.

In order to complete the illustration, you need to collect 20 of Anna’s Mementos from certain levels in both Story Mode and History Mode. Half of them come from Story Mode – specifically, both Mementos from Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5, the first Memento from Chapter 13, and the second Memento from Chapter 12. Note that you need to complete the Story Mode and replay the Chapter on Hard or Lunatic with the first Memento already if you hope to get the second one.

The other half of the Mementos you need are from History Mode on the Invisible Ties map. All five of the missions here that have Anna’s Mementos possess the ones you need for this illustration, so just go for every mission with one. While only one of these missions is available on a fresh map, you’ll gradually unlock the others as you clear more battles.

Once you collect all 20 of the Mementos needed to complete the illustration, Anna appears in the South-West of the same Invisible Ties map. Though it’s a level 80 mission – one of the hardest the game currently has to offer. Beating it earns you Anna as a playable character.

With Lyn, Celica, and Anna at your disposal, you can finally finish grinding for all those Support Bonus materials! For more on upgrading your characters, check out our Fire Emblem Warriors guides.

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