Get Closer to Your Favorite K-pop Stars in These Mobile Games

Kim Kardashian’s game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, represents one of the first celebrity forays into mobile gaming. But the Kardashians are really not that cool. You know who is cool? K-pop artists. And there are plenty of mobile games to help you get your fix of your favorite K-pop stars and music.

Here are six mobile games featuring six of the biggest K-pop artists.

BTS Messenger

Just about everyone has fantasized calling or texting with their celebrity crush. Well, if your celebrity crush is part of the K-pop band BTS, then BTS Messenger is the mobile game for you! The simulation game lets players call and text with the members of BTSand players can also receive calls and texts in return. Messages are tailored to each of the members’ personalities, and players pick a bias when they start the app. All members will text, and players have one of two choices as a response. When members call, it’s a pre-recorded message like a voicemail. Messages come through every 15 minutes at first and then every hour afterward.


But sometimes, you don’t want to fantasize about communicating with the members of your favorite band. (That’s teenager stuff.) With EXORUN, you can just race as the various members of EXO to finish the level as fast as possible, while also accumulating points. Players can complete various stages in three game modes: Stage Mode, Ranking Mode, and Gold Dungeon. Players can also compete against other players from around the world and collect costumes to power up their characters.


If you just love K-pop music in general, then BeatEVO YG has you covered. In this game, players act as a YG manager who has to promote their artists. Players organize the artists’ performances, tours,and schedules, much like an actual manager would. There’s also a rhythm element, where players have to tap along (accurately) to different songs. The better players perform on the songs, then the more in-game currency they can earn to unlock artists. The game features many famous YG artists too, including PSY, AKMU, Daesung, and WINNER, and features new releases from the artists as quickly as possible.

A game for Girls Generation

If it’s hard enough for you to pick just one K-pop mobile game, then A game for Girls Generation is the one you need to pick because it’s nine games in one app! Each member of Girls Generation has their own game within the app. The different games include a Bejeweled-like game and an item collection game, among others. In the game’s most recent update, the developers also added a bonus game that’s unlocked after beating Tiffany’s game, so there’s plenty on offer here.


If you know what the word “shawol” even means, then you probably don’t need me to tell you about SHAWOL because you likely already have the app. For those who don’t know, the word describes a fan of the band SHINee, combining “sha” for the band and “wol” for world. The game SHAWOL, however, is like the Girls Generation game, where there are nine games in one app. But, SHAWOL isn’t based off of the members of SHINee and just happens to have nine games, which include puzzle, strategy, and platformer games.

Tzuyu Skate Twice

For fans of the K-pop group TWICE, Tzuyu Skate Twice is the mobile game you ought to play. Players play as Tzuyu, one of the members of TWICE, and skateboard through various levels. In this platformer adventure, players need to collect the “TT” marks while avoiding various obstacles. Fans love the game, and not only because of Tzuyu, but because it’s a simple, addictive concept carried out well.

What’s neat about the different K-pop mobile games is that they aren’t all about music. Some of them take advantage of the band’s popularity, while others are decent games featuring the artists or members of the band. Best of all, they’re still way cooler than Kim Kardashian’s game.

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