Got Dali? Check Out These Surreal Video Game Gems

Whenever you think of Surrealism, the natural reaction for anyone is to think of Dali. He was a master in his field and undoubtedly a well-known Surrealist artist. However, there are many pieces of art and literature outside of the master that fall into this category. Video games also have Surrealist tendencies.

Surrealism isn’t just for art or literature. The combination of everyday objects in weird places or in different sizes creates a surreal piece of art. Video games and their capabilities are certainly able to hit this checklist as well.

We have compiled a list of the best games that feature a Surrealist art style, where to buy them, and for how much. You can experience the weird juxtaposition of objects against one another on your all-time favorite platform.

2017 was a fantastic year for gamers. There are the obvious things, like Nintendo’s massive success with the Switch and the rebirth of several franchises and genres, and then some not so obvious, including the success of a charity dedicated to helping disabled people.

From Microsoft’s most powerful console ever to the loot box controversy and everything in between, it’s been a year full of companies and organizations actually responding to consumer desires, sometimes effectively – as with Nintendo – and sometimes not so much (that one’s directed at you, EA). But in the end, amid the controversies and kerfuffle, it’s really all about having fun. So with that in mind, here are our top picks for this year’s coolest events, in no particular order.

Nothing compares to the smell of freshly fallen snow. As soon as you breathe in that brisk air, it’s as if the cold works its way through your system and tries to dispel any darkness within your body, leaving everything white and clean and cold.

But when freshly fallen snow is paired with the bleak setting of a horror game, everything feels gray and dirty and frozen. And isolating. There’s just something about fields of snow that can make someone feel so entirely alone. Maybe that’s why scary games pair so well with the winter climate.

And if you’re someone who’s more of a grouch on a couch than an elf on the shelf during the holiday season, maybe horror games are more up your alley – or, should I say, more down your chimney?

So here are a few wintry horror games to help you through the long, dark nights of the bright and shiny holiday season – or to suggest that maybe the holiday season could use a few more scares.

The best MMO games are upon us and this will list the top games of 2017. A good MMO can be pretty memorable to gamers and bring in a lot of traffic. Enjoying a good MMO with friends online can be very exciting because going on adventures alone isn’t as fun. Let’s see exactly what MMO you might want to check out this year.

Bandai Namco has released a trailer for PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 Plus for the Nintendo Switch.

Originally released on PS4 and Xbox One, this new port contains all of the same content, including Adventure Mode and Score Attack, while adding a new co-op mode called “PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 PLUS 2P,” in which you and a friend can grab a Joy-Con and work together to clear mazes and rack up the highest possible score.

The big ghost boss fights have also been revamped. One player can attack the boss while the other eats up the ghosts which break off.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 Plus will be released on February 22, 2018. No word yet on whether a multi-platform release is planned.

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