All The Activision Games Confirmed So Far

Activision has no scheduled E3 press conference, so the next Call of Duty will most likely premiere outside of any show. Sony won’t be holding a press conference during E3 this year, and they’re usually the one to host Call of Duty announcements.

E3 2019 is just a few weeks away. Surprisingly, Activision hasn’t announced the name of the Call of Duty it will show off during E3, something the company traditionally does prior to the show in mid- to late May. But we do know Activision will be showcasing 2019’s Call of Duty at E3, whatever it may be.

So far, Call of Duty is all Activision has planned for E3. Granted, the company doesn’t need to announce anything else. Clues have been hinting that the upcoming Call of Duty will be Modern Warfare 4, a sequel to one of the franchise’s most popular series. If that’s all Activision has for E3 2019, that’ll be enough.

Activision does have a few more games scheduled for 2019: Crash Team Racing and Call of Duty: Mobile. However, neither has been confirmed for E3. They could be shown off, though.

We don’t know too much about 2019’s Call of Duty. Even its name is still unknown. Infinity Ward has been confirmed as the developer behind the new game though. Five former Infinity Ward developers-most of which went on to work with Respawn on Titanfall and Titanfall 2 after finishing Modern Warfare 3-have returned to the studio to work on the new Call of Duty. Unlike last year’s Black Ops 4, 2019’s Call of Duty will have a traditional single-player campaign. Activision has confirmed 2019’s Call of Duty will have a «huge expansive multiplayer world» and «fun co-op gameplay,» but did not clarify any further. The game is already in a playable state.

The one and only Activision game confirmed for E3 2019 has been listed below. If additional Activision titles are announced prior to or during E3, we’ll update the list.

All Activision Games Confirmed For E3 2019
  • Call of Duty 2019

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