Ultimate Might Get the Labo VR Treatment Soon

There’s no other information right now to support the find. However, despite source codes often changing, and some including dummy information, Smash Ultimate does have a history of suddenly and unexpectedly dropping new features.

New information dataminers gathered from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s source code suggests the game might be getting Labo VR support very soon – tonight, in fact.

The news comes from SSBUbot, a Twitter feed that posts regular updates taken from Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s servers. Allegedly, the new Smash Ultimate update, 3.1.0, will include VR mode, offering a «whole new perspective» in the game by letting players use the Toy-Con VR Goggles.

Should it get VR support, the phrasing «a whole new perspective» might offer some clue as to what the experience would be like. Similar phrasing was used to describe the Breath of the Wild VR experience, which was meant to be enjoyed as a view-only situation; moving around too much was uncomfortable, to say the least.

Given the frenetic action in Smash Ultimate, it seems likely that, if VR is included, it would be connected primarily to replays, a speculation making its rounds on Twitter as well.

In other Smash Ultimate update news, 3.1.0 might also be including new Amiibo features. Specifically, the same source suggests Amiibo fighters can be sent on «journeys» to help them train and can then be put in a Battle Arena to duke it out with others.

With the update set to launch tonight, we’ll know soon enough how much of this turns out to be true.

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