Google Stadia Price And More To Be Announced This Summer

Google Stadia is a streaming-only platform for games, which means it can run through your browser as easily as your TV with a pass-through box. Google plans to sell a dedicated controller optimized for the device, but otherwise says standard controllers will just work. Our hands-on showed impressive potential, but the pricing model is still a total mystery.

Google used its Stadia reveal event to explain the potential of its game streaming platform and sell some of its unique benefits, but some very big questions remained. Now the company has teased that we’ll get those answers this summer.

In an official tweet, Google promised more details are coming soon. More specifically, it promised a price reveal, game announcements, and launch information. Those are the three biggest lingering questions surrounding the platform, and it sounds as if Google is preparing a second big event to answer them.

More vague is the timing of these reveals. It says this summer, which could mean an announcement during or near E3 2019. We haven’t yet seen Google stake out a time for an E3 press conference, though, so the company may be avoiding the spectacle of the annual event and looking to carve out its own time with less competition.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is preparing its own Project xCloud streaming solution to compete with Google Stadia. That appears primed for an E3 debut, and Microsoft recently announced that it has moved into a testing phase with select developers. By comparison to Google, Microsoft is stressing the ease of development on familiar hardware, as well as a vast back-catalog of existing Xbox, 360, and Xbox One games.

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