Samsung Showcases Monstrous 219-Inch TV at CES 2019

It’s called «The Wall» for a reason.

Samsung’s The Wall made the rounds last month because a modular high-definition television with almost infinite capacity for expansion is definitely going to get attention.

Now the South Korean electronics giant has topped the already-massive 146-inch example they unveiled at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a gigantic 219-inch TV-a diagonal length of over 18 feet-to be shown at CES 2019.

As Business Insider notes, The Wall has more than just size going for it. Individual panels are equipped with Samsung’s MicroLED and AI-Upscaling technologies, giving each a peak brightness of 2,000 nits and rich picture quality.

Much like Samsung’s The Frame, The Wall also runs a customizable program when idle that cycles through a variety of artwork. The bezel-less screen can even blend into the surface behind it by displaying home decor.

A press release from Samsung has further details:
The customizable UX allows users to create a Feature Wall when the screen is turned off by choosing a picture, painting or piece of framed art that best suits their tastes.

Alternatively, a wide variety of premium wall materials, finishes and other decor options are available.

«It really is a consumer-centric experience,» said Samsung product planner Sangun Yoon. «We developed The Wall 2019 so that a single side of the room really can be replaced by a screen.»

A release date and price haven’t been announced, but Samsung says The Wall is coming «soon» in 2019.

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