Crysis Dev’s PvP Bounty Hunting Game Hits Xbox One In Beta

Crytek notes that space in the beta is «limited,» and spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you’re interested you’ll want to act quickly.

Crysis developer Crytek’s new first-person, match-based survival/bounty hunting PvP game, Hunt: Showdown, is now available on Xbox One in beta.

To get into the beta, you need to sign into the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox One. From there you’ll see Hunt: Showdown. Click «Join» and then you’ll be able to download it.

The playtest runs until 6 AM PT on Monday, May 20. Since it’s a beta/playtest, the game in unfinished and you may experience some bugs or other oddities. Crytek encourages player to report issues and other feedback through the Xbox One’s built-in reporting tools.

«There are a lot of ways to play Hunt. You can work alone, or you can work in pairs,» Crytek says. «You can take a smaller risk and grind for XP, or you can risk it all and try to take out every enemy, every Hunter, and every boss you come across. And those are just a few of the options. There are so many strategic possibilities that players have a lot of space to make the experience theirs.»

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