Total War: Warhammer 2 Map and Mortal Empires Settlement List

That small number of races is about to increase significantly within the next two months. Developer Creative Assembly has confirmed the Warhammer 2 Vortex campaign map will be combined with the original Total War: Warhammer Old World map for a combined campaign titled Mortal Empires.

There might only be four starting factions with Total War: Warhammer 2, but the Vortex campaign still covers a staggering area of the map with several different continents and seas on display.

Warhammer 2 Vortex Campaign Map And Settlements

Looking down at that overland campaign map for the base game, you might notice some similarities there to real world topography – and that’s absolutely not coincidence. Warhammer is essentially set on Earth in the past, while “Holy Terra” is Earth in the far future with Warhammer 40,000.

Many players coming into Warhammer from the Total War franchise (rather than the other way around) didn’t realize that the Old World is purposefully analogous to Europe, while the New World Vortex campaign map is essentially North and South America, Africa, and an area representing lost Atlantis.

Below is a list of every single settlement currently available in the game at launch, broken out by faction. Note that the Skaven settlements appear as abandoned ruins to all other players and aren’t on a fixed location on the map.

Faction Settlement
High Elves  Lothern
 High Elves  Order of Loremasters
 High Elves  Avelorn
 High Elves  Caledor
 High Elves  Chrace
 High Elves  Citadel of Dusk
 High Elves  Cothique
 High Elves  Ellyrion
 High Elves  Fortress of Dawn
 High Elves  Nagarythe
 High Elves  Saphery
 High Elves  Tir Anoc
 High Elves  Tor Elasor
 High Elves  Yvresse
 Dark Elves  Naggardon
  Dark Elves  Cult of Pleasure
  Dark Elves  Bleak Holds
  Dark Elves  Blood Hall Coven
  Dark Elves  Clar Karond
  Dark Elves  Cult of Excess
  Dark Elves  Deadwood Sentinels
  Dark Elves  Drakla Coven
  Dark Elves  Ghrond
  Dark Elves  Hag Graef
  Dark Elves  Har Ganeth
  Dark Elves  Kardond Kar
  Dark Elves  Scourge of Khaine
  Dark Elves  Ss’ildrator
  Dark Elves  The Forgebound
 Skaven  Clan Mors
 Skaven  Clan Pestilens
 Skaven  Clan Eshin
 Skaven  Clan Gnaw
 Skaven  Clan Mordkin
 Skaven  Clan Moulder
 Skaven  Clan Septik
 Skaven  Clan Skryre
 Skaven  Clan Spittel
 Lizardmen  Hexoatl
 Lizardmen  Last Defenders
 Lizardmen  Itza
 Lizardmen  Sentinels of Xeti
 Lizardmen  Southern Sentinels
 Lizardmen  Tlaqua
 Lizardmen  Tlaxtan
 Lizardmen  Xlanhuapec
 Lizardmen  Zlatlan

An overview of the entire Warhammer 2 base Vortex campaign map (via flyby) can be seen in the video clip below for a more up close experience than the overland map.

Mortal Empires Combined Map And Settlements

With the two campaigns combined, there will be changes in the Old and New World maps to include features from both games, like the Lizardmen’s Geomantic Web, the Black Arks of the Dark Elves, and of course the Skaven ability to spread corruption in neighboring provinces.

Getting the two maps to snap together will require some terrain changes – and while we don’t have the full combined Mortal Empires map yet to actually look at, we do know which settlements will be included. Below we’ve listed out all 295 Mortal Empires campaign settlements currently confirmed.

Based on the settlement list, it seems like some areas have been removed entirely or shifted to new areas, so there may be different starting points for several Total War: Warhammer factions in Mortal Empires.

Province Settlement
 Aghol Wastelands  Fortress of the Damned
 Aghol Wastelands  Palace of Princes
 Aghol Wastelands  The Palace Of Ruin
Ash River  Numas
 Ash River  Quatar
 Ash River  Springs of Eternal Life
Atalan Mountains  Eye of the Panther
 Atalan Mountains  Martek
 Atalan Mountains  Vulture Mountain
 Avelorn  Evershael
 Avelorn  Gaean Vale
 Avelorn  Tor Saroir
 Blackspine Mountains  Plain of Dogs
 Blackspine Mountains  Plain of Spiders
 Blackspine Mountains  Red Desert
Caledor  Tor Sethai
 Caledor  Vauls Anvil
 Charnel Valley  Granite Massif
 Charnel Valley  Karag Orrud
 Chrace  Elisia
 Chrace  Tor Achare
Coast of Araby  Al Haikk
 Coast of Araby  Copher
 Coast of Araby  Fyrux
Cothique  Mistnar
Cothique  Tor Koruali
 Crater of the Walking Dead  Doom Glade
 Crater of the Walking Dead  Rasetra
 Deadwood  Dargoth
 Deadwood  Nargrar
 Deadwood  Shagrath
 Deadwood  The Frozen City
 Devil’s Backbone  Lahmia
 Devil’s Backbone  Lybaras
 Devil’s Backbone  Mahrak
 Doom Glades  Hag Hall
  Doom Glades  Ice Rock Gorge
 Doom Glades  Temple of Addaioth
 Doom Glades  Vauls Anvil
 Eataine  Angerrial
 Eataine  Lothern
 Eataine  Shrine of Asuryan
 Eataine  Tower of Lysean
 Ellyrion  Tor Elyr
 Ellyrion  Whitefire Tor
 Great Desert of Araby  Bel Aliad
Great Desert of Araby  Black Tower of Arkhan
 Great Desert of Araby  El-Kalabad
 Great Desert of Araby  Pools of Despair
 Headhunters Jungle  Mangrove Coast
  Headhunters Jungle  Marks of the Old Ones
  Headhunters Jungle  Jungle Oyxl
Hell Pit  Hell  Pit
 Huahuan Desert  Chamber of Visions
 Huahuan Desert  Sentinels of Xeti
 Huahuan Desert  The Golden Colossus
 Iron Mountains  Altar of Ultimate Darkness
 Iron Mountains  Har Kaldra
 Iron Mountains  Naggarond
 Iron Mountains  Rackdo Gorge
 Ironfrost Glacier  Dagraks End
 Ironfrost Glacier  Ironfrost
 Ismuths of Lustria  Fallen Gates
  Ismuths of Lustria  Hexoatl
  Ismuths of Lustria  Skeggi
  Ismuths of Lustria  Ziggurat of Dawn
 Jungles of Green Mists  Spektazuma
 Jungles of Green Mists  Wellsprings of Eternity
 Kingdom of Beasts  Serpent Coast
  Kingdom of Beasts  Temple of Skulls
  Kingdom of Beasts  The Cursed Jungle
 Land of Assassins  Lashiek
 Land of Assassins  Palace of the Wizard Caliph
 Land of Assassins  Sorcerers Island
 Land of the Dead  Khemri
 Land of the Dead  Pyramid of Nagash
  Land of the Dead  Zandri
 Nagarythe  Shrine of Khaine
 Nagarythe  Tor Anlec
 Nagarythe  Tor Dranil
 Northern Great Jungle  Chaqua
 Northern Great Jungle  Temple of Tlencan
 Northern Great Jungle  Xahutec
 Northern Great Jungle  Xlanhuapec
 Northern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Macu Peaks
 Northern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Port Reaver
 Northern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Shrine of Sotek
 Northern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Swamp Town
 Obsidian Peaks  Circle of Destruction
  Obsidian Peaks  Clar Karond
  Obsidian Peaks  Storag Kor
  Obsidian Peaks  Venom Glade
 Saphery  Port Elistor
 Saphery  Tor Finu
 Saphery  Tower of Hoeth
 Shifting Sands  Antoch
Shifting Sands  Bhagar
 Shifting Sands  Ka-Sabar
 Skavenblight  Skavenblight
 Southern Great Jungle  Axlotl
  Southern Great Jungle  Itza
  Southern Great Jungle  Subatuun
Southern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Floating Pyramid
Southern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Monument of the Moon
 Southern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  Pahuax
 Southern Great Jungle of Pahualaxa  The High Sentinel
 Southlands Jungle  Tower of the Gods
 Southlands Jungle  Teotiqua
 Southlands Worlds Edge Mountains  Karak Zorn
 Southlands Worlds Edge Mountains  Lost Plateau
 Southlands Worlds Edge Mountains  Mount Arachnos
 Spine of Sotek  Hualotal
 Spine of Sotek  Mine of the Bearded Skulls
 Spine of Sotek  Monument of Izzatal
The Black Coast  Arnheim
The Black Coast  Bleak Hold Fortress
 The Black Flood  Cragroth Deep
 The Black Flood  Hag Graef
 The Black Flood  Shroktak Mount
 The Black Flood  Temple of Khaine
 The Broken Land  Blacklight Tower
  The Broken Land  Karond Kar
  The Broken Land  Slavers Point
 The Chill Road  Ashrak
  The Chill Road  Ghrond
  The Chill Road  The Great Arena
 The Clawed Coast  Hoteks Column
 The Clawed Coast  The Monoliths
 The Clawed Coast  The Twisted Glade
 The Creeping Jungle  Temple of Kara
 The Creeping Jungle  Tlanxla
 The Creeping Jungle  Tlaxtlan
 The Road of Skulls  Har Ganeth
 The Road of Skulls  Kauark
 The Road of Skulls  Spite Reach
 The Road of Skulls  The Black Pillar
 Tir Anoc  Tor Anroc
  Tir Anoc  Whitepeak
  Titan Peaks  Ancient City of Quintex
  Titan Peaks  Ironspike
  Titan Peaks  Ssildra Tor
  Titan Peaks  The Moon Shard
 Vampire Coast  Pox Marsh
 Vampire Coast  The Awakening
 Vampire Coast  The Blood Swamps
 Volcanic Island  Fuming Serpent
 Volcanic Island  The Star Tower
 Yvresse  Elessaeli
  Yvresse  Tor Yvresse
 Athel Loren  Crag Halls
 Athel Loren  Vauls Anvil
 Athel Loren  Waterfall Palace
 Athel Loren  Yn Edryl Korian
 Averland  Averheim
 Averland  Grenzstadt
 Bastonne Et Montfort  Castle Bastonne
 Bastonne Et Montfort  Montfort
 Black Mountains  Karak Angazhar
 Black Mountains  Karak Hirn
 Black Mountains  Mighdal Vongalbarak
 Blightwater  Deff Gorge
 Blightwater  Karak Azgal
 Blightwater  Kradtommen
 Blightwater  Misty Mountain
 Blood River Valley  Barag Dawazbag
 Blood River Valley  Barak Varr
 Blood River Valley  Dok Karaz
 Blood River Valley  Varenka Hills
 Bordeleaux Et Aquitaine  Aquitaine
 Bordeleaux Et Aquitaine  Bordeleaux
Bordeleaux Et Aquitaine  Brionne
 Bordeleaux Et Aquitaine  Castle Carcassonne
 Chaos Wastes  Chaos Wastes
 Couronne Et Languille  Couronne
  Couronne Et Languille  Languille
 Death Pass  Iron Rock
 Death Pass  Karag Dron
 Death Pass  Karak Drazh
 Desolation of Nagash  Black Iron Mine
  Desolation of Nagash  Karak Azul
  Desolation of Nagash  Spitepeak
 Eastern Badlands  Crooked Fang Fort
Eastern Badlands  Dringorackaz
Eastern Badlands  Karak Eight Peaks
 Eastern Badlands  Valayas Sorrow
 Eastern Border Princes  Akendorf
Eastern Border Princes  Matorca
 Eastern Oblast  Praag
 Eastern Oblast  Volksgrad
 Eastern Sylvania  Castle Drakenhof
 Eastern Sylvania  Eschen
 Eastern Sylvania  Waldenhof
 Estalia  Bilbali
 Estalia  Magritta
 Estalia  Tobara
 Forest of Arden  Castle Artois
  Forest of Arden  Gisoreux
 Gianthome Mountains  Khazid Bordkarag
 Gianthome Mountains  Kraka Drak
 Gianthome Mountains  Sjoktraken
 Gianthome Mountains  Baersonlings Camp
 Gianthome Mountains  Frozen Landing
 Helspire Mountains  Graelingmoot
 Helspire Mountains  Serpent Jetty
  Helspire Mountains  The Monolith Of Latam
 Hochland  Brass Leep
 Hochland  Hergig
 Ice Tooth Mountains  Doomkeep
 Ice Tooth Mountains  Icedrake Fjord
 Ice Tooth Mountains  Longship Graveyard
 Lyonesse  Lyonesse
 Lyonesse  Mousillon
 Middenland  Carroburg
 Middenland  Middenheim
 Middenland  Weismund
 Mountains of Hel  Aeslings Conclave
Mountains of Hel  Altar of Spawns
Mountains of Hel  Winter Pyre
 Mountains of Naglfari  Naglfari Plain
 Mountains of Naglfari  Varg Camp
 Nordland  Dietershafen
 Nordland  Salzenmund
 Northern Grey Mountains  Blackstone Post
 Northern Grey Mountains  Grung Zint
 Northern Grey Mountains  Karak Ziflin
Northern Oblast  Fort Ostrosk
Northern Oblast  Fort Straghov
 Northern Worlds Edge Mountains  Karak Ungor
Northern Worlds Edge Mountains  Khazid Irkulaz
 Ostermark  Bechafen
 Ostermark  Essen
 Ostland  Castle Von Rauken
 Ostland  Norden
 Ostland  Wolfenburg
 Parravon Et Quenelles  Parravon
Parravon Et Quenelles  Quenelles
 Peak Pass  gnashraks_lair
 Peak Pass  Karak Kadrin
 Reikland  Altdorf
 Reikland  Eilhart
 Reikland  Grunburg
 Reikland  Helmgart
 Rib Peaks  Grom Peak
 Rib Peaks  Mount Gunbad
 Southern Badlands  Agrul Migdhal
Southern Badlands  Galbaraz
Southern Badlands  Gor Gazan
Southern Badlands  Gronti Mingol
 Southern Grey Mountains  Grimhold
Southern Grey Mountains  Karak Azgaraz
Southern Grey Mountains  Karak Norn
 Southern Oblast  Fort Jakova
Southern Oblast  Kislev
Southern Oblast  Zavastra
 Stirland  The Moot
 Stirland  Wurtbad
 Talabecland  Kemperbad
 Talabecland  Talabheim
The Silver Road  Karaz A Karak
The Silver Road  Mount Squighorn
The Silver Road  The Pillars of Grungni
 The Vaults  Karak Bhufdar
  The Vaults  Karak Izor
 The Vaults  Zarakzil
 The Wasteland  Gorssel
  The Wasteland  Marienburg
 Tilea  Luccini
 Tilea  Miragliano
 Troll Country  Erengrad
Troll Country  Zoishenk
 Trollheim Mountains  Bay of Blades
Trollheim Mountains  Sarl Encampment
Trollheim Mountains  The Tower of Khrakk
 Vanaheim Mountain  bjornlings_gathering
 Vanaheim Mountain  Pack Ice Bay
Vanaheim Mountain  Troll Fjord
 Western Badlands  Bitterstone Mine
 Western Badlands  Dragonhorn Mines
 Western Badlands  Ekrund
 Western Badlands  Stonemine Tower
 Western Border Princes  Zvorak
 Western Border Princes  Myrmidens
 Western Sylvania  Castle Templehof
 Western Sylvania  Fort Oberstyre
 Western Sylvania  Schwartzhafen
 Wissenland  Nuln
 Wissenland  Pfeildorf
 Wissenland  Wissenburg
 Yn Edri Eternos  The Oak of Ages
 Zhufbar  Karag Dromar
 Zhufbar  Oakenhammer
 Zhufbar  Zhufbar

What faction are you planning on playing in the combined Mortal Empires campaign and what settlements are you planning on raiding first? Let us know in the comments section below! And be sure to check out the rest of our Warhammer 2 guides for more tips and tricks. 

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