Man got addicted to butt plug and ‘super orgasms’

A 63-year-old man became addicted to the full body orgasms he learned to give himself with a butt plug, according to a new case study.

While healing from a prostate infection, the man purchased a massager to soothe the sore spot.

He cured the infection, and traded his pain for pleasure — perhaps a little too much pleasure, as he became addicted to the full body-bliss he got while using the toy.

In fact, his brain became so trained to the signals that a big ‘O’ was coming, that just doing the necessary preparations — eventually, even just lying in his favorite self-pleasuring position — would trigger uncontrollable orgasms.

A man became addicted to the ‘super orgasms’ he got from using a butt plug while lying on his stomach. Eventually, just lying prone made him climax, without the toy

More attention has been paid to the prostate lately, with men increasingly telling stories online of the orgasms they achieved once they started exploring the region.

The prostate’s growing popularity has given rise to a wider range toys and massagers, like the $33 Aneros helix butt plug this man purchased.

When he used the massager, the man became ‘highly orgasmic,’ wrote study author Dr Roy Levin, a biomedical researcher who published the case study independent of his employer, Sheffield University.

The man was so excited by the prostate stimulation, Dr Levin writes, that he didn’t need to fantasize or think about anything but massaging his prostate.

He was also given a generic version of Cialis, a drug made initially for treating erectile dysfunction, which can now also be prescribed as a part of a treatment plan for prostate infections.

The combination of Cialis and the butt plug’s powerful effects cleared up his prostate infection and pain.

But the pleasure that replaced it was ‘highly addictive’ the report says, as the man could feel his orgasms not only in his anus, where the toy was inserted, but in his penis, perineum and pelvis, like he would have experienced during penetrative sex.

The prostate is a gland, about the shape and size of the a walnut, that sits just under a man’s bladder and in front of the rectum.

It is involved in the production of semen, and massaging the gland is thought to cause 12 kinds of muscle contractions, which may be why a prostate orgasm can feel so intense, even earning the name ‘Super-O’ in online communities (and the case study).

The Aneros helix toy is a butt plug that stimulates the prostate in men, reportedly bringing some, like the man in the case study, to the point of a full body 'super' orgasm 

The Aneros helix toy is a butt plug that stimulates the prostate in men, reportedly bringing some, like the man in the case study, to the point of a full body ‘super’ orgasm

For many men, the prostate orgasm is difficult to achieve, and some simply don’t enjoy the process necessary to get there.

But within a couple months of practice with his butt plug, this man was an expert at going above and beyond orgasm.

‘When the orgasms were becoming really intense in the Super-O category, he experienced some whole body sensation with some involuntary muscular contracting and shaking,’ Dr Levin writes.

His newfound pleasure became an addiction, and the man tried to quit the toy for two months, but, he found, the orgasms didn’t stop there.

He had a sort of ritual for his sessions with the butt plug: He usually would lie flat on his stomach, with a couple of pillows to provide cushion for his pelvis.

The helix toy is inserted in the anus and curves slightly to stimulate the prostate

The helix toy is inserted in the anus and curves slightly to stimulate the prostate

The man’s ‘super’ prostate orgasms usually did not make him ejaculate, but he got into the habit of wearing a condom, just in case.

Soon, he didn’t even need the toy to reach climax.

Just lying in his favorite position on the pillows while wearing a condom could ‘trigger a reflex orgasm,’ without the man — or the helix — touching his penis or prostate, Levin writes.

Mythical though this no-hands Super-O sounds, this man is apparently not the only one whose bliss got out of control.

As Dr Levin notes, Aneros users often write on the toy companies forums about getting ‘rewired,’ so that their brains would associate the stimuli leading up to the prostate massage, skip a step, and go straight to orgasm.

This is a result of neuroplasticity. The brain is constantly making new synaptic connections, and this man’s mind formed connections between the non-sexual stimuli and the orgasm that allowed him to climax without physically stimulating his genitals or prostate at all.

But the same neuroplasticity and pleasure centers that lead to these kinds of orgasms are also involved in drug addiction, and this man was hooked.

In fact, he was spending so much times in the prone position and throes of his pleasure that his old neck injury started to bother him again.

The man would ‘spend too much time’ experiencing his orgasms, and decided he needed to ‘unwire’ his brain.

With practice, he managed to reintroduce himself to his old ways of masturbation and sex, and found — surely to his delight — that he ‘became multiorgasmic’ with both, sometimes having 10 orgasms during a single session.

Though he no longer needs the helix, Dr Levin writes that the man has ‘a tendency to relapse.’

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