“Admiral Vinogradov” invites you on a tour of Russian citizens in Pattaya

27-31 may, there will be a friendly entry into the main naval base of the Navy of Thailand “Sattahip” detachment of ships of the Pacific fleet of the Russian Navy as part of large anti-submarine ships “Admiral Vinogradov” and “Admiral Tributs” and marine tanker “Pechenga”. Such visits have become a tradition and aims to strengthen the naval ties between the two countries.

According to the Russian Embassy in Thailand, during the stay of the ships in the Kingdom are scheduled to visit the BOD representatives from the Thai Navy and military attaches of foreign countries accredited in Thailand.

27 may from 13.00 to 15.00 will be held the excursion to the BOD “Admiral Vinogradov” for Russian citizens. Everyone is invited to see the power of the Russian Navy! Guests can drive to the military base alone, also in Pattaya will be organized column, which kicks off at 12.30 from the market in Pratamnak hill, near the hotel Pattaya Park.

Security forces plan to introduce monitoring by tourists, investors and foreign workers in the framework of the project to provide an adequate level of national security. The authorities intend to control where foreigners live, to prevent the growth of transnational crimes, particularly human trafficking, and terrorist activity, writes the Bangkok Post.

While that base is not in operation, however, law enforcement agencies are already mandated to strengthen the fight against illegal immigrants. So, during the next police RAID in Thailand was arrested 37 foreign nationals, including one Russian.

Now when you enter Thailand foreigners fill in a form, which must specify the place where they will stop.

Thailand is one of the first lines in the ranking of popularity among Russian tourists. In 2017, the Kingdom was visited by more than 1,3 million Russians.

Fair email protected is working on the stadium National Sports Center (street Chaiyaphruek, 2) from 12 to 20 may. Start trading at 11:00 and ends at 21:00.

Big sale of consumer goods is carried out in Pattaya for the second time. The buyers are:

  • furniture, electrical appliances, home textile;
  • jewelry, clothes, shoes;
  • food;
  • cars, motorcycles, and parts and accessories.

In Novosibirsk landed Sudanese intelligence officers in business suits

Last I arrived in Novosibirsk scouts from Sudan

Последними в Новосибирск прилетели разведчики из Судана

Arrived in Novosibirsk all teams that will participate in the international contest “masters of reconnaissance”: the latest on competitions there arrived the scouts from Sudan.

“In total in Novosibirsk to participate in international competitions there arrived about 200 foreign soldiers,” – said the press service of the Central military district. This spies from China, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Belarus.

All participants were greeted with a band and a loaf.

“The scouts located in the Novosibirsk higher military command school, passed the medical exam, and soon they will start training, and will also be the instructor’s classes in order of passing through the stages of competition”, – told in the defense Ministry.

The international stage of the competition “masters of reconnaissance” will be held in Novosibirsk in two weeks. The opening ceremony will take place on 28 July in Central Park.
The competition will be attended by about two hundred military from other countries

The contestants have already passed medical examination and are now preparing for training

The international stage of the competition “masters of reconnaissance” will begin July 28 and end August 10

The European Union may ban disposable tableware, plastic

Brussels intends to impose a ban on a number of disposable products, as well as the levy of 80 cents per kilogram of waste unfit for recycling, according to Funke Mediengruppe.The European Commission plans to ban a number of plastic disposable products and actually penalize member countries of the European Union for plastic trash that is not recyclable. This was announced on Sunday, may 27 edition of the German mass media company Funke Mediengruppe, citing a package of measures to combat plastic waste, which the EU Commission intends to present in Brussels on 28 may.

According to the draft Directive, the prohibition should relate to disposable products made of plastic, alternative which is easily available and affordable, explain the media. It is, in particular, disposable dinnerware, Cutlery, and straws-straws for drinks, cotton sticks and plastic anchors for balloons. In addition, it is planned to limit the use of plastic packaging for food, which they sell at the takeaway eateries.

Edition Funke Mediengruppe also quoted European Commissioner for budget günther Oettinger (Günther Oettinger), who proposed to charge authorities of the EU countries a certain amount for every kilo of plastic waste unfit for reprocessing for reuse. Assuming multi-year financial planning of the European Commission, such a collection may be 80 cents per kilogram, which will go to the overall European budget, said Oettinger. In his opinion, this measure will help to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

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