Active actions by Russia in Ukraine

In recent years Russia has very actively started to act in the area of the Azov sea, as coastal direction in various embodiments it is very important for the owner of the Kremlin of Vladimir Putin. In addition, there is a hybrid threat of invasion directly from the sea.

This opinion was expressed by Admiral stock Igor kabanenko.

“I think that this direction is not specifically on Mariupol, a coastal direction in various embodiments it is very important to Putin in terms of the possibility of realization of operational objectives. Even analysts on the basis of indicators from open sources can see very serious risks not only the intensification, but also increase,” – emphasizes the military.

In his opinion, no valid recommendation for the strengthening of national safety at sea has not been implemented.

“Today we already have a tensed situation in the Azov sea. I am convinced that to prevent a crisis here was possible. Strategic forecast must be based on multi-variant development of the situation, but you need to prepare for the worst. To prepare, if you’re ready, start working the other side of the limiting factors. On the sea of Azov, it was clear what actions were possible, one would take measures for an adequate response to them. Ahead of the curve. Similarly, as in the case of the Black sea”, – said the Admiral.

As he explains, may 18 appeared coastal warning that the area of the Azov sea near Berdyansk closed by Russia for military training.

“It is important to note that this area is not somewhere – from Temryuk or Taganrog, it is in close proximity to the Ukrainian coast. And this is serious. Provocation by Russia? Of course. However, it is a hybrid threat of invasion from the sea. At the same time, there are a bottom part of the iceberg of war, a new generation of threats to national security of Ukraine from the sea have increased significantly,” – says Igor kabanenko.

Kolchenko is ready to announce hunger strike in support of Sentsov, lawyer

Ukrainian political prisoner Oleksander Kolchenko, are willing to support another prisoner Ukrainian Oleg Sentsov and to declare a hunger strike. This was stated by the lawyer Kolchenko Svetlana Sidorkina, said on his page on Facebook journalist Anton NumLock.

According to him, Kolchenko wrote a letter Sentsov, however, for fear of censorship, gave details about the content of lawyer Svetlana Sidorkina, who had visited him today in the Kopeysk colony.

“In a letter he wrote that, in his opinion, a means of hunger strikes can be effective to protect just in case, if the government cares about its reputation. Considers that, in the case of Oleg Russia can ignore his hunger strike, not allowing to die, just use force-feeding and send him for psychiatric examination”, – said Sidorkin.

At the same time, Kolchenko do not agree with the method of the hunger strike, however, respect his position and is very worried about the health of the whales, because he knows about climate and living conditions in the region, which include Oleg.

In addition to writing Sentsov, Kolchenko wrote a letter to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with a demand to intervene in the situation with the hunger strike after his release. However, Kolchenko also fears that censorship will not miss his appeal.

“The conditions of detention in the colony had no complaints. Looks good, but feels strongly Sentsov. The lawyer wanted to show him the publications of the media about the hunger strike of Ukrainian film Director, but wouldn’t let her,” he said Sidorkin.

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