The militants suffered serious losses

9 regiment. “9 OSMP MP”. Over the past two weeks, this regiment, they have ten dead and about thirty wounded. And all losses any strange. That’s kind of not out of stupidity, not drunk, and kill. And as it is frequent much with this case Tashniki.

There is in the regiment, even his chief of staff. And receiving on the brain for these losses from the curators of the Kremlin, became the chief of staff in the bout and rampage. Looking for the traitors and those who leaked the information. I can’t believe him that it was a simple coincidence. Beat drunk his Deputy and two staff officers. Put them under lock and key. Carved doors in the cabinets and ransacked everything. Found no evidence of infidelity. Back to beaten and shot over the head of the Deputy store with a pistol. Says will find and expose.

And the previous commander of the regiment in the end of last year were detached and sent under investigation.

Hey, man, don’t stop. Look for further. We are watching you. We are close. (softly and gently)

The Taliban refused to renew a truce with the Afghan government

The joint celebration of Ramadan, Afghans and the Taliban are again overshadowed by the terrorist attack in Eastern Afghanistan, which killed at least 15 people.The radical Islamic movement “the Taliban” refuses to renew the ceasefire previously agreed upon with the government of Afghanistan. “We are not planning to extend the truce. It ends today,” said the Taliban spokesman, Mujahid zabihullah the news Agency dpa on Sunday, June 17.

On the eve of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced that the Kabul extend the truce, which began on 7 June and, according to Ghani, was valid until the fifth day of the feast of Fitr (Eid al-Fitr), commemorating the end of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan, until 20 June. The Taliban, in turn, urged his fighters to respect the truce during the first three days of Eid al-Adha from 15 to 17 June. At this time, across the country held a meeting of Afghan soldiers, Taliban and civilians.

At least 10 of the victims of the terrorist attack in Eastern Afghanistan

Meanwhile, the holiday of breaking the fast in Afghanistan again marred by a terrorist attack. As a result of the suicide bombing, which was committed by the unknown in Nangarhar province in the East of the country, killing, according to various sources, at least 10-15 people, and at least 45 injured. The explosion occurred near the office of the head of the province, where Afghans and the Taliban celebrated the Eid al-Adha, which coincided with the truce.

Yesterday in a car bomb explosion near the city of Jalalabad in Nangarhar province killed 36 people, another 65 were injured. The number of victims and wounded by the Taliban, Afghan soldiers and civilians. Next to the car, where he was a suicide bomber, also had a meeting with Afghan soldiers with the Taliban, who celebrated the holiday of breaking the fast.

In the presidential elections in Colombia won the right candidate

Representative right-wing party “Democratic centre” Ivan Duque plans to significantly change the peace agreement between the Colombian government and rebels from the FARC.In the presidential elections in Colombia are won by the candidate from right party “Democratic centre” Ivan Duque. According to the electoral Commission, published on Sunday, June 17, for Duque voted 53,95% of the voters. His opponent, the former mayor of Colombia’s capital of Bogota Gustavo Petro scored 41,83% of the vote.

The current President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos has congratulated the Duke with a victory. “I called Ivan Duque, to congratulate him and wish him good luck. I offered him the cooperation of the government, to make the transition orderly and peaceful,” wrote Santos on his Twitter page.

Ivan Duque is the political protégé of former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, who, in turn, is considered the most severe critic of a peace agreement between the government and rebel group FARC. Despite the approval of the world community, the agreement has not received absolute support amongst Colombians. After conclusion of the contract in 2017, Duque said he will “tear the agreement to pieces.” Later, he changed his tone to a more calm: the politician stressed that it is not about abolition, but about amending the peace agreement.

Future relations with the rebels in question

Which lasted more than 50 years, the conflict between the Colombian authorities and FARC guerrillas officially ended on 15 August 2017, when the Colombian city of Fonseca, a solemn ceremony to mark the end of armed confrontation. For his role in resolving the conflict, Juan Manuel Santos was awarded the Nobel peace prize for the year 2016.

41-year-old Duque is going to make significant changes to a peace agreement, in particular, to prosecute the rebels for war crimes. Critics fear that it may again lead to the marginalization of the FARC. In addition, Duque opposed to the already started peace talks with active rebel group, “national liberation Army” (ELN).

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