The Czech Republic and Hungary has refuted a conclusion, with Germany the agreement on refugees

In Prague and Budapest said that did not agree with Berlin on the return of migrants. Meanwhile, Prime Minister of Bavaria, the CSU welcomed reports of agreements on refugees.The Czech Republic and Hungary deny the information that they are ready to participate in the procedure of the expulsion from Germany of migrants registered in other EU countries. “No such negotiations were not conducted”, – said the representative of the Czech government in an interview with the news Agency CTK on Saturday, June 30. “This is a worrying statement – complete nonsense, – said the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish during a visit to France. – Germany has not asked us, and at the moment I would not sign such an agreement.”

“We are not planning any talks. The reasons for this. We strongly reject,” continued Babish, speaking about the possibility of accepting migrants from the German border. Even before the EU summit on 28-29 June, which was reached a number of agreements on migrant workers, the Czech Prime Minister said that Prague will never make Berlin a bilateral agreement on the return of refugees, reminds Agency dpa.

The representative of the Hungarian government, zoltán kovács also said that Budapest had not been concluded with Berlin no agreement on refugees. In an interview with Reuters Kovac called it impossible “to migrants appeared in Hungary without having driven in any other EU country”. “In 2015, Germany has tried to make us the first country of entry, and we have then refused,” recalled Kovacs.

Merkel announced agreements with 14 countries

Earlier in the day it became known that German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel), who heads the Christian democratic Union (CDU), gained the support of 14 countries in the question of accelerated procedures for the expulsion of migrants.

As reported by the Agency dpa, citing a document prepared by Merkel and to the presidents of parties and factions of the partners of the CDU in the coalition – the Christian social Union (CSU) and the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) – we are talking about Belgium, Hungary, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Finland, France, Czechia, Sweden and Estonia. These countries expressed willingness to conclude bilateral agreements on the admission of migrants who were previously in them was, he said in an interview with news Agency epd, the representative of the CDU/CSU in the Bundestag, Ulrich Sarlak (Ulrich Scharlack).

CSU approves agreement on migrant workers

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Bavaria, CSU representative Markus Zeder (Markus Söder) welcomed a message of agreement with 14 countries, as well as the results of the last EU summit, calling them “steps in the right direction.” This statement was made in the context of a dispute that flared earlier between Merkel and interior Minister of Germany and Chairman of the CSU Horst Seehofer (Horst Seehofer). Seehofer insists that refugees without documents or already registered in any other EU country, it was forbidden to cross the German border, while Merkel believes this measure is unfair and favours a European solution to the problem.

The EU 28-29 June agreed a number of measures to limit the influx of refugees – in particular, expansion of powers and increase of the staff of the border service of the EU Frontex, opening refugee camps in North Africa and the opportunity to create in EU closed camps for migrants whose applications for asylum are pending. In addition, Spain and Greece expressed its readiness to take back refugees if the German law enforcement authorities on the border with Austria finds that their data is already included in a common database EURODAC.

Edward Snowden criticized the Russian government

Whistleblower of U.S. intelligence said that it did not support the policy of Vladimir Putin. According to him, Russia’s problem lies in the corrupt government, not the people.Edward Snowden harshly criticized the Russian government. According to the unmasker of the American intelligence services, Russia’s problem lies in the corrupt government, not the people.

“The Russians are kind and smart people. The problem is their government,” said Snowden in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung, published on Friday, June 29. He added that “the public in Russia feels jaded and doesn’t trust the television,” and said he didn’t approve of the policies of President Vladimir Putin.

A former employee of the national security Agency USA (NSA) in 2013 living in Russia and received asylum there, said that from the beginning, decided to evade cooperation with the Russian special services and has no affiliation with the authorities of the Russian Federation.

Snowden would like to move to the EU

Edward Snowden also said that he was disappointed with the position of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) the possibility of granting him asylum in Germany because of the likely deterioration of relations with the United States. He expressed his desire to move to one of the countries of the European Union.

His lawyer Wolfgang Kalek (Wolfgang Kaleck) told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that legally the entry of Snowden into the EU was possible, but “politically it’s all blocked”.

The former NSA employee also called “war criminal” new CIA Director Gina was Haspel. For the disclosure of classified information about intelligence methods of surveillance Snowden could face the death penalty in the United States.

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