Signed trump and Kim Jong-UN

As told by trump, and they have talked on the phone, but a personal meeting was held for the first time. Then, as it were, covered more than five thousand journalists from around the world. In fact, the summit turned into a huge political reality show with Kim and trump in the lead roles. Kim, not accustomed to the attention of thousands of completely independent reporters, was visibly nervous in public. But trump was like a fish in water. Because he has long worked as a TV presenter, the format was just perfect.

Journalists have even caught a moment when the American President, talking with Kim, alone, with enthusiasm in his voice said from the outside it all looks like a scene from a science fiction movie! In General, for trump’s show is important, and he got it in full. The summit is, without exaggeration, watched the whole world.

But the content of the signed document personally at me raises questions. It consists of four items, but the actual value has only the third, which refers to the commitment of the DPRK to work towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. What is “toward” – no one knows.

While there mentioned the reference to the Declaration by the Panmunjom, signed a North and South Korea in the spring. And here’s the important point. The Declaration said that the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula should be achieved through a “complete denuclearization”. The context implies that we are talking about nuclear disarmament of the two Koreas. But South Korea no nuclear weapons. Accordingly, it is necessary to understand, refers to Americans. But they’re definitely not going to give up its nuclear Arsenal.

Generally, all disputes are now over the interpretation of the concepts of “denuclearization” and “complete denuclearization”, which is often mentioned in the spring of the Declaration with the unpronounceable name, and in the Singapore agreement. The Americans (and with them almost the rest of the world) believe that denuclearization is the abandonment of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and their production capacities. “Complete denuclearization” is, in General, the same, only with furrowed brows.

But North Korea itself is somewhat different linguistics. The denuclearization of the DPRK is not only its own nuclear missiles, but also the rupture of the Treaty of mutual defense between the United States and South Korea.

This agreement allows the United States to keep its military bases in the South of the Peninsula, and also (importantly) guarantees South Korea, the us “nuclear umbrella”. The failure of Seoul from this “umbrella” Pyongyang believes it is equally important part of the denuclearization, as was his rejection of the atomic bomb. For the U.S., the rupture of this contract is absolutely, categorically unacceptable. Now, at least.

Even more interesting, the North Korean understanding of “complete denuclearization”. For them, this means global nuclear disarmament. They have such a logic: “full means full.” Of course, to expect this in our lifetime, even it makes no sense. Maybe in the distant future, the world, and agree on the rejection of nuclear weapons, but certainly not now.

Anyway, we need to understand the same documents in Washington and Pyongyang are now read quite differently. Nicely, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Ynu should first agree on terminology, and then to sign the documents. Because now there is an incredibly wide field for interpretation and a spring inter-Korean declarations and has just signed a joint statement trump and Kim. I wouldn’t be surprised if very soon they start to accuse each other of denial of the principles of the Singapore document.

In the meantime, the world has become a holder of a short Declaration of intent, written in very vague language and is open to interpretations from all sides. Someone might say, “begun is half done” that everything will be much better and peace will prevail in the far East. Can be! Who knows?

But I think the outcome is really fantastic, as correctly pointed out trump. USA will never break their defense Treaty with South Korea. This Treaty has become one of the main pillars of the American system of global security. He gives US the only serious foothold in East Asia. Right near the rapidly growing power of China.

Cancel such a contract – it’s almost like the dissolution of NATO in the flourishing of the power of the Soviet Union. From trump, of course, all you can expect, but it would be an absurdity, even for him. Accordingly, the denuclearization of the North Korean sense of the word will not.

And if so, then Kim Jong Ynu to disarm makes no sense. The examples of Libya and Ukraine perfectly demonstrate what happens to those who voluntarily refused from nuclear weapons. It should be remembered that both these countries the West gave security guarantees. Where are those guarantees now? About them even remember the indecent.

In addition, the trump on the example of the Treaty on TRANS-Pacific cooperation, Iranian nuclear deal, the Paris climate agreement, a trade agreement with Canada and Mexico has shown that to comply with any international agreement, he is not going to. I think he breaks them more often than concludes.

In these circumstances, Kim would have been an idiot, agreeing to unilateral nuclear disarmament. But he’s not an idiot. Most likely, North Korean dictator now begin quietly to improve its nuclear Arsenal. Scientists will increase the missile range and the power of thermonuclear warheads. Just in case, so to speak.

While Kim loudly, when a large crowd of journalists, will demolish any sheds, which allegedly went nuclear research. His squad will be a night to dig, and the day having to blow up the tunnels, where (type) can be tested an atomic bomb.

Well, the dictator will abandon military parades and personally, opens in Pyongyang “Burger king” or “McDonald’s”. The meaning is simple: to show that North Korea has become more open and less aggressive country.

I think, after such a fondness for burgers trump and sanctions will be removed, and the money will help, and the best friend of North Korea will become. I’m pretty sure that the nuclear disarmament of North Korea will never happen, whatever is written in the relevant documents, the country will remain with their bombs and missiles.

But under the influence of all this diplomatic and political game can start another interesting process: North Korea could go the Chinese way. China 40 years ago was the poorest, backward, wild and crazy country with a nuclear bomb that everyone feared and didn’t understand. But when he opened up a bit the world, there immediately went to reform, the business came back to life, science was reborn, and the people rich. Now China is the second economy of the planet.

In Communist Vietnam, it was virtually the same. In the 1960s, with the United States, they fiercely fought, and now friends and trade. While in China, and in Vietnam the authorities have all the same people that were. If this is all it will be, for peace on the Korean Peninsula can not worry. But if someone decides to take away by force Pyongyang with its nuclear toys, then everything will be very, very bad. I hope for the first

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